What diet is necessary when feeding by a breast

What diet is necessary when feeding by a breast

With the advent of the kid the parents should change a lot of things in life. But big changes the child's mom worries. And food of the wet nurse not an exception.

Following to a diet when feeding by a breast can be caused by different requirements and desirable results. Approaches, receptions and ways of achievement at the same time differ cardinally. But all diets of such orientation stimulate a lactation and are capable to improve quality of milk.

Such diet is intended for reduction of risk of developing of an allergy at newborns, for stabilization of work of their digestive tract. It is necessary to remember that everything that will be eaten by mom, will affect also the child. The diet when feeding by a breast assumes a complete elimination of the use of some products.

What needs to be excluded in the first 6 months:

Fat and fried dishes. Broths on a meat basis. The vegetables brought from other regions. Fruit (1 apple a day is authorized). Cow's milk. Medicinal mineral water. Mushrooms.

Your food since first day of life of the kid has to meet the main requirements – do not do much harm. In the first three months the digestive tract develops quite intensively, during this period children can have physiological gripes. The main task not to allow strengthening of gripes because of incorrect food. It is better not to use cabbage in any kind, cucumbers, bakery products, vegetables of red color. After the kid is 4 months old, begin to add above-mentioned products to food.

If you in family have allergic persons, then try to keep to the most strict diet in the first months. From porridges, give preference rice and buckwheat. Previously soak grain several hours. It is allowed to have black and green tea, it is better to refrain from herbal teas. Tea has to be not flavored, it is necessary to make tea rather weakly. It is necessary to refuse sweets. It is authorized to use a handful of dried fruits in day. Nuts, chocolate, seafood, fruit and fresh vegetables, without heat treatment – it is better to forget about all this approximately for 3-4 months. From meat if it is possible, use rabbit flesh, from a bird quails will approach. Other meat, or too fat, or can cause allergies. Bravely use boiled potatoes, squash, pasta. Salads are recommended to be filled with vegetable oil, mayonnaise, ketchup it is also better to exclude.

As soon as the kid a little grows up, it is possible to try to begin to include on 1 product. To define whether the product approaches, you enter it into a diet in the small portions on 30-50 grams daily, within 2 weeks. If for all this time of reaction does not follow, there is a high probability of the fact that it will not be at all. At emergence at the child of reddenings, peelings it is necessary to stop the use of a product, in 2 months it is possible to try to enter it again.

When feeding by a breast it is impossible to keep the rigid diets in any way. After half a year of breastfeeding the organism recovers after the delivery, the mode of feeding gets better and it is possible to achieve results in finding of the necessary form. Avoid heavy sports loadings - hot iron now not your option, more will approach soft fitness. You should not begin intake of medicines for weight reduction even if in the instruction it is authorized to accept them during a lactation, the drugs reducing appetite can lower it not only at mom, but also at the kid. Vegetable drinks are also not recommended to be applied to weight reduction. As a rule, they have laxative effect that is fraught with development of diarrhea in the child, besides some herbs can change for the worse taste of milk. If you eat reasonably and great, i.e. to limit fats, replace meat with fish, you will not lean on sweets, the arrow on scales will surely go down.

In a diet when feeding by a breast observance of the drinking mode is important. The lack of enough liquid can be the cause that the organism will not want to leave extra kilos. When breastfeeding it is necessary to drink not less than 2-2.5 liters of liquid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team