What differ in Reima and Kerry in

What differ in Reima and Kerry in

Purchase of qualitative winter clothes for children – a task in which parents begin to be engaged nearly since summer. The offered range is quite various, here only each model has features and differences which need to be considered. What do Reima and Kerry differ in and what to pay attention in the choice to?

Reima: sports style for lively children

Reima - high-quality children's overalls, are manufactured in Finland. The ideal decision for active children to whom it is not sat in place – compliance to sports style will provide comfort, and the total absence of internal seams provides durability of a similar winter suit.

Membrane suits provide comfort of their young owner under any temperature conditions and are calculated for socks in an interval from-10 to - 25 wasps.

Considerable lack of this producer is the small range of coloring to which bright drawings were added only recently. As for quality, it does not raise the slightest doubts: snow, a rain, slush, strong wind gusts – overalls will pass all these tests with a bang, and to the child in it will be good and cozy. When choosing the size it is necessary to pay attention that suits shrink over time.

Kerry: choice of true dandies

Kerry is the Estonian company which deserved recognition of the whole world not only at the expense of quality and durabilities of products, but also their surprising design. All little fashionistas and dandies will be delighted with bright, beautiful coloring and original overalls. Separately It should be noted a good hood and perfectly thought over finishing of a mouth thanks to what it is possible not to worry that the child will catch a cold on cold winter wind. As for durability and water tightness, these indicators also at the top level. If to speak about defects, then it is important to note that it is the clothes calculated on the minimum quantity of an undergarment, otherwise the child pretty fast will sweat. The similar children's overalls are one of the best options for the winter period.

Reima and Kerry: what to prefer

On design Kerry is more original, besides these overalls perfectly protect a throat of the kid from wind thanks to what no additional scarfs or shirtfronts will be required. Here only products of the Estonian company quite often receive comments as too warm. And therefore it is very important that parents of owners of such winter clothes after all followed the recommendations of the producer and did not put on the child of anything, except a layered clothing or light clothes any more. And here Reima perfectly will be suitable for active kids – they will please with more facilitated models, and the most important, are calculated on long-term use due to high wear resistance.

The choice is difficult especially as both options are presented practically in one price range.

Both options are not of a lower quality each other at all, and therefore the final choice depends only on specific features of future young owner and, of course, preferences of parents.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team