What do wasabi of

What do wasabi of

In sushi bars rolls and sushi are always served with "green" seasoning. It is not pleasant to someone because of strong sharpness, but many delighted with it, wasabi gives to food special "highlight".

Consumption of wasabi

Wasabi – a kind of horse-radish which is rather popular in Japanese cuisine. Its cultivation is conducted with the 10th century. It grows along coast or in cold water of the mountain rivers. The plant has a specific pungent smell. The wasabi which is grown up ashore has more expressed taste, than "water" plants.

Hot spice is received from a green root by crushing. Most often it is used for making sushi. The grass represents a dense creeping stalk with roundish leaves which sometimes reaches 45 meters in length.

Useful vitamins and minerals as a part of wasabi: • Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B9, C • Folic acid, niatsin, pyridoxine, thiamine • Protein, calcium, potassium, copper, zinc, manganese, magnesium • Natural fats and carbohydrates. Seasoning is very rich in izotiotsinata which fight against manifestation of caries. If to use wasabi paste daily, then it is possible to prevent destruction of teeth. Besides, wasabi can be used in fight against various cancer tumors. At a combination to crude fish paste gains strong antimicrobic properties. Consumption of wasabi well affects work of a stomach, lungs. Also wasabi - the excellent assistant on increase in immunity and prevention of cell aging of an organism. All know that Japanese are long-livers, more thanks to traditional cuisine of this country. The Japanese scientists intensively work, studying and using wasabi in preparation of various medications.

Use of wasabi in cookery

Sauce of wasabi is perfectly combined with salads and a pickles. It is possible to prepare paste independently, having bought a fresh root of wasabi and having rubbed it on a small grater. If to buy powder, then will be to mix it with water in equal parts enough. Addition of one handful of paste in marinade for meat will promote its aroma and amazing taste. Meat should be covered with marinade and to leave for day. This time is quite enough for impregnation and giving of aroma. The mayonnaise mixed with a small amount of wasabi will find unusual spiciness and thin sharpness. Wasabi grows only in Japan because of special conditions of cultivation of a plant that considerably affects its cost. The real wasabi can be tasted only in Japan or at expensive restaurants. In institutions of average and cheap price categories often give for wasabi horse-radish powder with dye.

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