What documentation is kept by the psychologist

What documentation is kept by the psychologist

Maintaining documentation - an important component of professional activity of the psychologist, especially if is the psychologist-teacher working in child care educational institution. Each activity is followed by documentation.


1. If the psychologist is an individual entrepreneur, the obligatory reporting for him are: "The book of accounting of income and expenses" (the paper version of the book is created for a year and is subject to registration in tax), the reporting under a simplified tax system - the simplified tax system (once a year is given), the average number of employees. If the psychologist works alone, in the column "number of employees" he puts "0".

2. If the person is educational psychologist and works in educational institution, from it maintaining several types of documentation is required. First, it is the annual plan of work with the purposes and tasks which is approved by the head of establishment, and the planned schedule for a month (schedule of work).

3. Secondly, it is the log-book about the carried-out work - diagnostic, advisory, expert, correctional developing, etc. Besides, programs of different types of works have to be organizational and methodical available.

4. Also about the work which is carried out in a year the analytical report which is approved by the head of educational institution is formed. By drawing up the report the principle of confidentiality and anonymity is observed therefore data are generalized and can be presented in the form of tables and charts, comparative characteristics. The efficiency of the work done in a year, progress and difficulties, etc. is analyzed.

5. Besides the general, the educational psychologist keeps special documentation. Psychological cards of patients - for example, the child or group of children, tutors, etc. concern to it. It and magazines of consultations, protocols and records of conversations, observations, inspections, names of the programs used in work. It is information on given to patients and their relatives of recommendations and also the written conclusions provided to relatives in different institutions, etc. The psychologist makes out similar documentation independently, leaning, including, on samples in the available psychological literature. Forms are often applied.

6. The educational psychologist keeps documentation according to the main normative documents of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, in particular, the Provision on service of practical psychology in the system of the Ministry of Education. For the general documentation standard forms as, for example, for drawing up the annual plan are used.

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