What documents are necessary to be registered on pregnancy

What documents are necessary to be registered on pregnancy

To be registered on pregnancy in clinic for women, the woman needs to have at herself only the most necessary documents. In addition extracts from medical records, results of analyses can be necessary.

It is required to you

  • Passport, policy of compulsory health insurance.


1. If you suspect that are pregnant, or are precisely sure that you will become a mom soon, address to clinic for women or one of private medical clinics. The doctor will examine you and if your assumptions are confirmed, will suggest you to be registered. Pay attention that observation in the public medical institution, in difference from private, will be for you completely free.

2. You can be registered on pregnancy not only in clinic for women at the place of residence, but also in policlinic of other area or even in medical institution of other city. The modern legislation allows pregnant women to be observed where they will wish. At the same time consider that it is better to choose nevertheless that clinic for women which you visited before as important information is stored in your medical record.

3. In order that you could be registered in the medical institution chosen by you, take the passport and the policy of compulsory health insurance. Without these documents the doctor will not be able even to accept you. Under the existing legislation in the absence of the health policy only the emergency help can be rendered to the patient.

4. Track that the policy of compulsory health insurance was effective, in it the registration address was correctly specified. If necessary change the document. To make it will not make big work.

5. If you on hands have photocopies from medical records of those institutions in which you were observed earlier, take them. This information can be necessary for the doctor. Surely take also the coupon with results of passing of fluorography if that is available. The doctor will paste it in the prenatal record or will rewrite all necessary data there.

6. If your pregnancy was planned, and before its approach you made some tests, take extracts with their results on appointment. If researches were conducted quite recently, the doctor will set off them. At the same time you will not need to make tests repeatedly.

7. On reception surely take a clean diaper, boot covers or slippers and also sterile disposable gloves. Before registering you, the doctor will have to examine you and to make swab test on analyses.

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