What documents are necessary to the child for obtaining INN

What documents are necessary to the child for obtaining INN

INN is appropriated to all citizens of the Russian Federation including to children. Each child has the own taxpayer identification number in the tax inspection even if legal representatives of the child did not receive it on hands yet.

It is required to you

  • - the passport of the parent or the document confirming the right for guardianship over the child;;
  • - copy of the passport of the parent with the photo, a registration and the list of children;
  • - birth certificate of the child (original and copy);
  • - confirmation of nationality (a mark in the birth certificate or the copy of an insert);
  • - the filled-in application form in form No. 2-2;
  • - the document confirming registration of the child in the place of residence.


1. Some parents postpone a visit to the tax inspection, without representing why INN is required to the minor child. Do not delay with obtaining the identification number for the child, so his existence is required in many situations. For example, if someone from relatives wishes to present to the child the real estate (the dacha, the house or the apartment), then the child automatically becomes a taxpayer, therefore, existence of INN for it is obligatory. Naturally, parents are obliged to pay taxes for the child, but to make it without INN issued on the child it will not turn out.

2. If the child is less than 14 years old, then issue of INN is made to one of his parents or legal representatives. At himself, besides the package of documents, the parent has to have the passport, and the trustee has to provide the document confirming its guardianship authority over the minor in the tax inspection. It is also necessary to provide the copy of the passport where the turn with the photo, the page with a registration, and the page with the list of children will be displayed.

3. At the appeal to the tax inspection, you have to provide the application form of form No. 2-2 which is filled in in due form. This form can be downloaded on the website of the tax inspection and to fill houses on the computer. If you plan to fill in the application form directly in tax, then take several additional forms as corrections and mistakes should not be present at the statement. The form should be filled out with a ball pen, ink of black or blue color.

4. Surely take the original of the birth certificate of the child and also his copy. On the certificate there has to be a mark about nationality. If there is no such mark, then you will need to provide the copy of an insert about nationality.

5. The package of documents provided in the tax inspection for obtaining INN has to include the document confirming a place of registration of the child. The extract from the house register can be such document, also you can provide the copy of the certificate of registration at the actual place of residence of the child.

6. At delivery of the package of documents in the tax inspection, have to provide you the receipt for documents. Usually the term of execution of INN is 5 days after which you as the legal representative of the child, receive on hands of INN and the package of documents which is handed over by you.

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