What encyclopedias to buy the child

What encyclopedias to buy the child

At education and training of the child various children's encyclopedias can greatly help. Their contents is aimed at the development of thinking and expansion of an outlook and also acquisition of many useful skills in life.


1. Now at sale there is a wide choice of encyclopedias which represent an expanded set of information on various questions. For example, the encyclopedia "The World around Us" will acquaint the child with the device of a human body, Earth and the Universe will tell about space riddles, the planet. Your child can be interested in the facts about a life story on the earth, and it is possible also materials about discoveries.

2. For children of more advanced age it is possible to acquire "The big illustrated encyclopedia by the Erudite" in which more than 3500 thematic articles are collected. They are devoted to questions of the nature, science and technology. Over 2000 colourful illustrations explaining material are presented in the book. In the section on the person the child can learn as the organism is arranged and at the expense of what there is a movement of muscles and a skeleton. Also information is provided in this section as the brain and nervous system works why the person sleeps at night and what is the dream. In the section on the planet Earth your child can learn about the structure of Earth, origin of volcanoes and earthquakes. For pupils of high school there will be useful scientific information on opening in physics, chemistry.

3. If your child is keen on something concrete or you would like that he studied a certain subject in more detail, it is worth acquiring the highly specialized encyclopedia from the What Is that series. Books represent detailed reference books, in each of which one topic is covered. For example, descriptions and illustrations of a large number of birds are presented in the encyclopedia "Birds", speaks as the body of a bird and as wings work is arranged. The encyclopedia "Dinosaurs" discloses all details of Hera of dinosaurs, tells from whom they occurred and also whether dragons from fairy tales their prototypes were. Your child learns how many existed species of dinosaurs with what speed they could fly, than ate and why died out. Also in this series it is possible to acquire books about seasons, weather, puzzles, wonders of the world and many other.

4. Children's informative encyclopedias from the Swallowtail series are of great interest coverage of historical events. In the encyclopedia "Civilizations of the Ancient World" it is told about traditions and beliefs of the different people, the fate of tsars and emperors. The book "Geographical discoveries" will acquaint the child with history of voyages, will tell about military campaigns and distant expeditions. Biographies of the famous travelers and a lot of other informative information are presented in the encyclopedia.

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