What exercises to do for treatment of flat-footedness at the child

What exercises to do for treatment of flat-footedness at the child

Children's legs with flat-footedness can be given to norm regular treatment and exercises. Besides the procedures registered by the doctor it is necessary to do every day with the child exercises. Up to 7 years the foot arch is only formed therefore complex measures it is quite possible to get rid of this trouble. Some parents decide not to treat flat-footedness, including it the harmless diagnosis. But the wrong arch of foot leads to a curvature of legs and a basin, and then and to violation of a bearing. There is nothing difficult in exercises from flat-footedness. It is enough to give them 20 minutes every morning then to notice improvements. Change exercises, create a variety that the baby was not tired and retained interest in physiotherapy exercises.


1. To go on socks and the Piglet 2-3 minutes. It will warm and will strengthen muscles. Surely note time because it is necessary to experience loading, but not to finish, having taken a detour on one room.

2. To be rolled from a heel on a sock of 20-30 times. One of the most difficult and useful exercises at flat-footedness. For balance take the child by hands. You watch that he rose on toes highly and with almost direct legs. Some children bend knees and so shake, but do not rise fully on toes at the expense of muscles. At a rift on heels it is better to lean on outer side of feet, but only already grown up children can do so. Up to 5 years enough just rifts.

3. To stand on each leg 1-2 minutes. Children seldom can stand without support all this time at once. At first teach the kid to lean on one leg and to adhere a hand. You watch that he did not fall on a hand but only caught balance. Gradually help the baby to resist without support and only then note and increase standing time on a leg.

4. To go in a straight line. It is difficult to carry out this exercise from flat-footedness in house conditions. Therefore it can be complicated: to go a crossover step in a straight line on outer side of foot. The visual reference point is necessary for children for similar exercise of physiotherapy exercises from flat-footedness. Put on a floor a fabric strip, a rope, a tape along which the kid will put legs.

5. To jump on two legs. It is important to teach the kid to land on socks, but not on heels or all foot. You teach the child to spring knees. At first it is not strongly important that he jumped often. Is better let does it correctly. Over time children jump quicker and quicker.

6. To go to external and inside of feet 2-3 minutes. If at your child the foot is filled up inside (valgusny deformation), then it is contraindicated to it to go on inside of feet. Therefore specify about these two exercises at the orthopedist on reception better.

7. To lift objects. To force to work all muscles of the arch of foot, lift with the child legs various things: toys, pencils, rags. Pieces of fabric can be collected by toes still. For this purpose put the child on the edge of matter, let it lean on heels, and fingers will try to rake up all fabric to itself(himself) under feet. For complication put any cargo on fabric.

8. To be trampled down on various surfaces: sand, grass, pebble, orthopedic rugs. If you have no opportunity to go outside barefoot, fill peas, buttons or stones in a box and put the child there. Most of children adore similar exercises. Weave a braid out of pieces of fabric or ropes, let the child go on it on outer side of foot and sideways. Also plastic pipes or smooth sticks approach. It is useful to roll them legs, to go on them a side or a fir-tree: heels inside, socks outside.

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