What exercises to do to the three-year-old child

What exercises to do to the three-year-old child

The love for a healthy lifestyle and sport begins with early age. From those morning exercises on which kids amicably clamber ducks imitate a mill and a clumsy bear. That charging did not turn into a boring makhaniye hands, unite it a uniform plot.

"Walk in the forest"

Before starting performance of exercises, tell kids that they are waited by a travel to the fairy forest and a meeting with its inhabitants. And as children they polite and well-mannered, it is necessary to greet each inhabitant, but not just like that, and in special "animal language".

Exercise "Sparrow". Place legs at shoulder length, carry out slow waves hands up-down. Gradually accelerate. Be tightened on socks and at fast speed carry out waves brushes. Shake in turn legs, then hands.

Exercise "Owl". From a sitting position "in Turkish" turn the head - execute several slow inclinations to the right-to the left, up-down. To greet a snake, without changing a starting position after the previous task, extend a neck forward and involve back. Lay down on a stomach and try to slither. At the same time do not tear off a basin from a floor and you do not kneel. Surely show to the child on a personal example that hands and legs have to work together. For performance of "Caterpillar" sit down on a floor, straighten legs. Tighten buttocks to stupnyam, then again straighten legs. For a greeting with a butterfly become on a floor, move apart legs a little. Carry out circular motions by hands. Begin with slow movements, gradually increase speed. When performing a task place emphasis not on speed, and on amplitude.

"On a visit at a kitty"

If domestic fluffy animals are closer to you and your kids, suggest them to present that they are little kittens. "We are heated in the sun". A starting position – legs are slightly placed in the parties. Turn the head to the right, return to a starting position, turn to the left and again in a starting position. "Cat's hide-and-seek". Squat, connect hands in the lock behind the back. Kneel, without unclenching the lock, pull hands up. "Angry cat". Kneel, lean on palms. Curve a back at the same time the head hang down, return to a starting position.

General recommendations

The morning exercises for kids of three years have to proceed within 5–6 minutes. Irrespective of the chosen subject form the complexes consisting of 3–4 exercises, each of which will be repeated 4–6 times. In the presence of three various all-developing exercises begin work with muscles of a humeral belt and hands, then muscles of a trunk and finish muscles of legs. If at the kid it is impossible to carry out exercise, temporarily postpone a task or divide into slightly separate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team