What fairy tales to read for the night to the child

What fairy tales to read for the night to the child

For a long time fairy tales are the integral component of education of the child. And information acquired before going to bed, as we know, most carefully is processed and postponed for many years. Therefore it is especially important to select fairy tales which are read to children for the night.

It is required to you

  • Good selection of children's books.


1. Eliminate all frightening, cruel fairy tales and a story with the sad end. The child or will not dare to accept this fairy tale (remember "Not mutual fund, not paf!" Victor Dragunsky), or with each terrifying story will become is a little more stale, without daring to empathize others misfortune. Very possibly and the fact that reading similar fairy tales, especially for the night, can influence mentality of the child in general and lead to emergence of steady children's fears and poor quality of a dream. Carefully you monitor reaction of the child when reading fairy tales with terrible characters. Perhaps, some places and pictures should be passed.

2. Refuse reading for night of books with an intense story line, the works dazzling with jokes and ridiculous situations, the verses rich with ringing sounds. All this can lead to excitement of the child and refusal to fill up. And instead of the planned thirty-forty minutes, you can spend for reading several hours, and information will be all the same apprehended by the child badly. You should not refuse reading such works at all, but acquaintance to them should be postponed to the wakefulness period.

3. You watch that it was not boring for the child. He, of course, excessively will quicker not be excited will fall asleep, but next time he can refuse reading and even to lose interest as to that. The fairy tale has to be clear and interesting, and it is necessary read it expressively.

4. Do not miss an opportunity to cultivate concrete traits of character at the child by means of a technique, known as "skazkoterapiya". Its sense is in writing fairy tales which main character will have lines the characters similar to your child will solve problems, similar to those which face your kid. And will do it, showing lines necessary to you: bravery, compassion, resourcefulness, kindness, patience, leadership skills. This technique helps many mothers and fathers to solve pressing problems, whether it be fear of a garden, a divorce of parents, the conflicts with peers, scattering of toys or bad treatment of dumb animals. Such fairy tales as well as possible are suitable for reading before going to bed that the child had an opportunity as much as possible to like the hero and to draw necessary conclusions.

5. Try to discuss the child's impressions of read the next morning, softly state the point of view, without imposing it. These conversations will help you to understand better your child and will help with his schooling to the analysis. The help in a conversation you can ask for favourite toys, the child will share intimate with them more willingly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team