What feelings and feelings the child in mother's womb has

What feelings and feelings the child in mother's womb has

It is accepted to think that life of the kid reckons from the moment of its birth. Actually by this time he lived 21 months. 9 months in a womb of mom are life too. Four weeks later after conception the kid represents an organism with a small fragile heart, with the feelings and emotions.

Feeling of a rhythm

Sounds play an important role in development of the kid. Try to communicate more often with the baby in your tummy. Talk to it quietly, in a positive form. Before going to bed read the fairy tale aloud or sing a lullaby, quietly stroking the tummy. To the kid who was not born yet on temper classical music. To the seventh - eighth to month of pregnancy the baby well perceives low tonality of a voice of the father. The kid has feeling of discomfort when he hears the loud music which is followed by frequent blows. It actively reacts to quarrels of parents, to sharp movements of mother, to loud soundings of kitchen appliances.

Formation of the personality

In a womb the baby is capable to react to mood of mom therefore she has to reflect on positive. For the kid and mom it is useful to observe wildlife, to visit art exhibitions, to be engaged in creative activity. The long stress of the pregnant woman has a great influence on future mentality of the child. Maternal rejection of the child, a thought that future kid to be born absolutely not by the way: all this leads to rejection of the baby of itself. In this regard, after the birth it will be difficult to child to adapt in society.

Feeling of hunger

The baby in a womb reports about the feeling of hunger by pushes. Its food occurs through a placenta where nutrients from products which are used by mom arrive. Disorders, experiences of the pregnant woman lead to a clip in her body. In this regard, the placenta ceases to receive necessary quantity of food, oxygen. The kid begins to hunger.

Flavoring feelings

The kid who was not born yet has well developed flavoring feelings. According to researches, the baby can even show preference of one product to another. Daily the kid absorbs a little amniotic water. Intrauterine liquid is subject to influence of everything that is eaten by the pregnant woman. So, for example, amniotic liquid to become bitter on taste from black tea, cigarettes, food seasonings. Food preferences of pregnant mom cause to accustoming of the child to any given food, form love to a certain sort to food after the birth.

Feeling of rest and joy

The pregnant woman has to be engaged in affairs which bring her feeling of a pacification, rest. In this case mother's so-called hormones of joy will be transferred to the kid. They are capable to report feelings of rest, joy of life to the baby. This state is very important for the kid. It positively affects its pre-natal development and future character. The kid in mom's womb hears everything and feels, absorbs all information which arrives to him from the outside. Feeling of mother's love, feeling of safety, satiety and rest – here components of success of the little person.

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