What feelings arise at fights

What feelings arise at fights

The question of what is represented by fights concerns not only pregnant women, but also girls who only should experience nine-month expectation of appearance of the kid. In a broad sense fights can be compared to sharp compression of muscles in a stomach, however these feelings differ in some individual nuances.

What is fights

Fights can be divided into two categories – prenatal and arising directly in the course of childbirth. Not always reductions of a uterus testify to the beginning of the birth of the child. In medicine there is such concept as "false contractions" which can arise last months pregnancies. The painful or pulling feelings in the bottom of a stomach notify, as a rule, on opening of a uterus. This process is also followed by reductions of her muscles and increase in intrauterine pressure.

At first fights can happen to some interval which is gradually reduced. The uterus is narrowed and extends thanks to what the fruit is pushed out on patrimonial ways. After the delivery fights stop.

Feelings during the fights

Fights can happen to different degree of morbidity. Some women compare this state to a severe toothache, others draw an analogy to periods, the third category tries to forget intolerable pain and not to remember it. It is important to note that fights cannot be described several offers. It is individual process which depends on a set of factors. It is possible to facilitate pain preliminary preparation. The special gymnastics for pregnant women allows to prepare muscles for childbirth and to learn to breathe during this process. Controlling the emotional and physical state, the woman can reduce pain substantially. Psychological state during pregnancy plays very important role at emergence of fights. If the woman is quiet and perceives all processes happening to her, as natural, then she is capable to perceive pain to a lesser extent, feeling at the same time only discomfort. If the girl stays in panic, then it directly influences strengthening of pain and increase in duration of fights.

How to define the beginning of fights

Fights can begin in several ways. Most of women at first feel the pulling pain in a back or a waist. Then the discomfort appears in the bottom of a stomach. Gradually there are sharp and short-term reductions of muscles of a uterus. Less often fights begin with area of a stomach at once. In this case the woman, most likely, just did not pay attention on, so-called "harbingers" of childbirth. Most often such situation occurs if during pregnancy the back often hurts. False contractions can be distinguished on two main signs. First, the arisen painful or unpleasant feelings in a back and a stomach disappear if just to pass several steps. Secondly, during false contractions, reductions or changes of a condition of a uterus are not observed. Anyway it is necessary to report about all pain to the doctor immediately. If necessary it is necessary to call immediately the ambulance or to go to maternity hospital.

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