What first signs of pregnancy

What first signs of pregnancy

It is possible to feel pregnancy approach much more before that moment when someone begins to move in a tummy. The first signs that the woman is in the family way are shown at quite early stage.

One of the first and resistant signs of the occurred pregnancy often is change of a psychoemotional condition of the woman. As a rule, and the woman notices at once that now she cannot control herself. Begins to seem to her that the whole world is incited against it, and surrounding everything to one seek to enrage her. Such changes result from change of a hormonal background of the woman.

Pulls on salty – the sign checked by time

Change of flavoring preferences happens at all become pregnant in the first weeks after conception. Often the woman wants salty and sour. But sometimes the perversion of taste surprises also the pregnant woman, and all people around. For example, sweet cake in combination with pickled cucumber. Besides, sometimes the women who are in the family way feel in the "metal smack" language.

Dangerous symptom of pregnancy is severe pain in a stomach, a uterus and uterine tubes in the absence of periods. With temperature increase or even without it. These are strong indications of extra-uterine pregnancy.

One more symptom of pregnancy is change in perception of smells. The smell of perfume which very much was pleasant earlier to the woman seems disgusting now. Or, on the contrary, the smell, unpleasant for all, can be pleasant to the pregnant woman. Early toxicosis – one of the most unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy. Depending on specific features of an organism it can be shown in various degrees of severity. At some women the small morning nausea passes after awakening after a while. At others nausea, vomiting and faintness can proceed all day. But along with them there are women who have no toxicosis at all. Brightness of these feelings depends on age, the state of health, heredity and specific features. Emergence of new feelings in a breast one more of the first symptoms of pregnancy connected with preparation of an organism for feeding of the child. Sometimes already on early terms the mammary glands increase and bulk up. The feeling of "raspiraniye", pricking and release of liquid from nipples also appears on different terms of pregnancy including right at the beginning. The increased fatigue is also one of signs of the occurred pregnancy and is especially difficult transferred by the working future mothers. Sudden attacks of yawning and strong desire to have a rest can overtake the woman at the most inconvenient moment. But along with it at night the woman can sleep badly.

The most exact sign of approach of pregnancy

The delay of monthly menstrual allocations is the most exact sign of pregnancy. In particular it concerns women with a regular cycle. The longer the delay, the is more than chances of approach of pregnancy. The absence monthly is one pleasant feature of the entire period of pregnancy. Within nine months monthly is not present and if the woman nurses, them there can not be no quite long period.

Amenorey – lack of periods during several menstrual cycles.

Quite unusual sign of the occurred pregnancy meets at some part of women. This change of microflora of a vagina and, as a result, plentiful allocations. All these symptoms are shown in different degree, and women can sometimes not pay special attention to their emergence.

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