What fish can be given to the child

What fish can be given to the child

Fish needs to be included in the child's diet as she contains a large amount of the polyunsaturated fatty acids improving a metabolism in an organism. Meat of fish contains full-fledged animal protein which is easily acquired, however not any species of fish will bring to the child unambiguous benefit.

Sea fish in the menu of the child

An invaluable role in food of the child is played by sea fish as it is rich with iodine which provides full intellectual and physical development and also normal functioning of a thyroid gland. The fatty acids of a class an omega-3 which are present at any fish strengthen immunity.

Fish is irreplaceable in the kids menu, she is vitamin-rich also mineral substances.

However nutritionists do not recommend to serve fish to a table every day. In her there is not enough iron which is so necessary for health of the child.

River fish causes allergies in children more often.

Fish in the child's diet about one year

Fish dishes quite often causes allergic reaction in babies therefore it is necessary to enter this type of a feeding up gradually. You do not hurry to give to the child fish, begin with a meat feeding up. For the first time to allow the kid to try fish it is recommended not earlier than 9 months. To optimum feed children with fish one or two times a week. While your child was not two-three years old, do not include such fat grades of fish as a herring and a mackerel in his diet. Lean grades (humpback salmon, a navaga, a carp) or grades of average fat content (catfish, a bream, a carp, a perch) are very tasty too. The kid for certain will like gentle juicy meat of a cod. The most tasty and useful low-fat species of fish with which it is possible to treat the child – a trout, a hake, a pollock, a pike perch, a cod and a flounder. If the child for the first time got acquainted only recently with such product as fish, you should not give more than 100 g in one feeding. Do not force the kid is fish if he refuses flatly. Perhaps, he still is simply not ready to a new dish. After all, even if the child will not fall in love with fish, he can give preference to fish caviar or seafood.

Ways of preparation

Fried and smoked fish and also fish canned food are inadmissible in the menu of the baby. If to the child year was already executed and it has at least pair of teeth, it is possible to steam fish cutlets, meatballs, fish roll, and here with fish broth it is better not to hurry. For the kid boil less or stew fish and knead in puree. Put fish fillet in the begun to boil water, otherwise a part of useful properties will be lost. The simplest option which saves time - ready baby puree from fish. As a rule, in its structure there are also vegetables or grain ("hake potato", "vegetables - a forelka"). Some of the most famous producers of specialized canned food for children – Heinz and the Grandmother's Bast basket. Certainly, fish has to be freshen. Buying fish in shop or in the market, make sure that she was correctly stored and transported. You do not keep it too long in the fridge (at most 48 hours), prepare on once.

It is recommended to defreeze fish at the room temperature or in salty water. So best of all than everything all its useful properties remain.

Attentively check whether remained in meat of stones, the child can choke with them. For the child it is better to buy fish without small bones or fish fillet.

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