What from food to give to the child in school

What from food to give to the child in school

Each parent knows that on a hungry stomach to pay all attention to study very difficult. Food in school is not only an indicator of care and attention, but also concern in health of the child. If the kid long does not eat or to have a bite at least, then it will negatively be reflected in a metabolism and work of digestive tract. Therefore all mothers ask a question what food to put to the child with themselves that it was not only is nutritious, but also it is useful.

Since morning it will be remarkable if the school student eats porridge. Except that it is very useful, it still contains substances which fill an organism with energy. That the child ate porridge with pleasure, it is possible to add to it honey or fresh fruit. Also will dilute taste and will make it fresher a butter piece.

Oatmeal cookies

What having a snack has to be present at the child at educational institution? Very useful having a snack are oatmeal cookies because in it there are a lot of nutrients. It is possible to take cookies with additives. For example, it can be raisin, sesame, chocolate. Then it will be long digested and to fill the child's organism with necessary energy.

Fruit lunch

Also the child, except oatmeal cookies, can give with himself fresh fruit, for example, bananas, apples or oranges. They have to be washed and cut that the child had no difficulties. Fruit can be put in a container with a cover. The pupil will be able to eat pieces by means of a fork. It parents will prevent reproduction and emergence in an organism of the kid of bacteria which can get through dirty hands.

Yogurt product or kefir

It is very convenient type of having a snack. Food is densely closed, well stored, from a small bottle it is convenient to drink. What drink to put - the child has to choose. All have different tastes, someone loves sweet, and someone sourish. Regardless of the choice, such having a snack will be all the same useful and will execute the main role.

Nutritious sandwich

Generally this having a snack is suitable for children of advanced age. But sandwich surely has to be useful. At fresh bread there has to be fish or meat, lettuce leaves and vegetables. Such food will become a good power source and will satisfy hunger of the school student.

Except food, the child needs to put drinks. It can be compote, juice or fruit drink. They not only are useful, but also are capable to reduce hunger. In the choice of juice the parents should be careful because sometimes they contain harmful preservatives.

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