What fruit and vegetables it is possible for the feeding mom

What fruit and vegetables it is possible for the feeding mom

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Feeding of the baby a breast — responsible and very serious moment. That breast milk brought to the baby benefit and supplied with necessary vitamins, mom needs to watch the diet, to include in it various fruit and vegetables.

In what quantity

Despite fears of many feeding women that fruit and vegetables can cause allergies in the child you should not forget that they after all are necessary for creation of the balanced diet.

Doctors and nutritionists came to opinion that in day it is necessary to use about 700 g of vegetables and 300 g of fruit. About one vegetable and fruit is recommended to include in each of meals at least. However to you it is not necessary and to abuse vegetable food. It cannot replace all other products completely. Therefore have to be present at the menu of the feeding woman: meat, fish, porridges, dairy products.

What vegetables to choose

The list of the vegetables suitable for mummies feeding babies includes the following names: squash, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, green salad, paprika and celery. Squash perfectly cope with hypostases which can disturb recently given rise woman. They fill an organism with minerals, such as copper, potassium and iron. Potatoes contain a large amount of thiamine which well influences development of the baby. However do not forget that potato — rather high-calorie vegetable therefore be limited to 2-3 pieces a day. Tomatoes and cucumbers — the real well of vitamins. They contain zinc, calcium and iodine. And the celery will enrich an organism with carotene, vitamin B and E. Obratite attention that fresh vegetables can be eaten during their maturing in your region. The fact is that the cucumbers brought to the winter period, tomatoes and pepper contain more preservatives, than useful substances.

The most preferable fruit

Many fruit there are enough allergens therefore it is difficult to find a variety of these products in a diet of the feeding mothers. Give preference to apples and pears of green color. They are vitamin-rich also minerals, such as nickel, amber acid, fluorine, molybdenum, copper. Apricots, thanks to availability of RR vitamin, a large amount of potassium and carotene are unique on the structure. Pay attention and to sweet cherry. These berries contain magnesium and phosphorus and also vitamins C and V. Gotovte fruit salads, do the fresh juices diluted with water in a proportion 1:2, you cook compotes and kissels and also eat dried fruits to diversify and enrich a daily diet.

Pay attention

It is very important to watch closely reaction of the kid to introduction of a new product to mom's diet. There are cases when the product which is seemingly not posing threats for development of an allergy, is serious allergen for the baby, each organism is individual. Besides now the intolerance of many products small children very often meets.

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