What fruit to put on a children's holiday table

What fruit to put on a children's holiday table

The children's holiday is the sea of sweets and fruit. But not all fruit are equally useful to all children. Before getting a fruit basket, it is necessary to learn about features of the children invited to a holiday or to choose the most neutral fruit which can be eaten with everything.

Most often allergic reaction can arise on the following group of fruit: kiwi, strawberry, raspberry, oranges, lemons, grapefruits. If suddenly any of children has an allergy to any fruit, it is worth refusing it absolutely. Choose those products which can be eaten with everything for a holiday table.

The most useful fruit

Fruit – it is very tasty and it is useful, and beautiful giving – guarantees success. The most useful are: bananas, apples, peaches and grapes. In apples there is a lot of iron, vitamin C and folic acid. Bananas help digestion and will bring to a children's organism vitamins A and In and also magnesium and phosphorus. Grapes improve work of kidneys and heart.

It is worth drawing close attention to fruit also when the child not really well eats. Look narrowly at peaches. They increase appetite and promote digestion improvement.

It is correct to give

It is possible to prepare and serve such healthy food differently too. Someone prefers fruit in the raw, and someone loves compote or baked option. That children received a maximum of vitamins, it is not necessary to subject fruit to long heat treatment as it will reduce advantage and minimizes the content of some vitamins. The best option is to make small desserts and their tax on separate plates personally to everyone. Recipes for interesting dishes from fruit huge set. So, for example it is possible to combine apples, peaches and bananas and to make fruit salad, which is very good for filling with natural yogurt that will supplement useful properties of fruit and will improve taste of a dish. It is possible just to cut fruit with small slices, to lay out on a dish and in the center to put the little swan made of an apple half. And it is even better to offer such swans to each kid. Such half of useful apple just fantastically looks.

Shish kebab from fruit

For this dish it is possible to use any fruit, for example pears, apples, peaches, plums or pineapple. By the way, also berries will be well combined here. Small wooden skewers will come in handy. It is better to put on fruit a stick, alternating them among themselves. Also beautifully the combination of strawberry and pineapple can look. This dish can be added with chocolate still. If to dunk each piece into the kindled chocolate, then except "super taste" there will be also a small surprise. You remember, food has to be not only tasty, but also useful. The best option is consumption of fruit in the raw. The steam bath or an oven can become an alternative.

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