What functions of the school psychologist

What functions of the school psychologist

The psychologist – one of the main experts at school. He accompanies pupils during the entire period of training in educational institution. Also the teacher's structure needs its consultations.


One of the main functions of the school psychologist – diagnostic inspection of children. It gives the chance to keep track of dynamics of their development in the course of training. Besides, diagnostics helps timely correction of any given direction with training of the specific child.

The psychologist carries out diagnostic surveys in several directions. Diagnostics of preschool children is an identification of level of training to school of future first graders. Such research allows to assist parents in the choice of the training program who differ in the concept and level of complexity.

Diagnostic survey of graduates is carried out in the ninth and eleventh classes. Use of the professional focused tests helps seniors to decide on the choice of the future profession. If necessary diagnostics of knowledge, skills of school students is carried out at the beginning and the end of academic year. So the result of training of each child is defined. Besides, during training the psychological state of children in collective is diagnosed.

Definition of an emotional background in a class is very important. The timely help of the psychologist will be useful in the course of formation of collective.


The school psychologist is obliged to trace a situation in each class. Ideally he has to know family of each pupil. So the expert will be able to trace and prevent emergence of a problem in study of school students. Visit of lessons also belongs to duties of the school psychologist. Its function – observation of educational process. Without interfering with the lesson course, he draws conclusions about that, is how comfortable to children in the course of training. If there is a problem with the specific child, the psychologist studies it with involvement of the class teacher and the pupil's parents.


Psychological consultation – one of effective methods of work of the school psychologist. Consultations are held both with school students and their families, and with teachers of school. This method of work assumes individual approach to participants of a problem.

Consultation of teachers is also included into functions of the school psychologist. Timely psychological assistance helps to prevent nervous breakdowns at teachers.

Depending on complexity of a situation, one or several consultations are held. The stage-by-stage decision gives the chance of step-by-step studying the arisen problem. The result will depend in many respects on that, attendees at consultation are how open and honest.

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