What gum gel well helps at a teething

What gum gel well helps at a teething

Mothers and fathers know what it is torments when I begin to be cut through teeth at babies. Quite often this process is followed by very unpleasant, and at times and painful feelings: children sleep badly, are capricious, cry, and parents worry.


At eruption of the first teeth the increased salivation is usually noted. In addition, the appetite worsens, gums bulk up, the child becomes irritable, uneasy. Directly pain arises because of a rupture of soft fabrics – gums. This process, painful for the kid, takes several days.

Somehow to reduce sufferings of the child, use local anesthetics - gels and ointments for a teething. Such components as camomile extract, lidocaine, lauromakrogol which have the cooling and analgesic effect usually are a part of gels, facilitate a condition of the child. But such medicines should be applied only on doctor's orders.

Well will help to kill pain at a teething at the child of Kalgel. He quickly takes off pain, but also promotes disposal of microbes. Chloride and lidocaine are its part cetylpyridinium of antiseptics. Apply it to children is more senior than five months. Apply medicine on a finger and accurately rub in a gum. If necessary gel can be applied repeatedly, in 20 minutes. The maximum quantity use of gel – up to 6 times a day. At such symptoms as an itch and urticaria, treatment it is necessary to cancel. Remember that this medicine can cause allergic reaction. Perhaps, it will even become difficult for child to swallow. Do not use such cure for a heart, renal, liver failure, hypersensibility.


Also you can apply Kamistad gel. He well lingers on gums. But there is one shortcoming - use is not recommended to children up to 12 years. And in general reserve it in case of stomatitis at more advanced age better. Though sometimes doctors register medicines with such restrictions and to small children, but in a smaller dosage. This medicine will help to calm severe pain. In its structure there are a lidocaine and also camomile extract.


Holisal gel – will anesthetize, will remove inflammation and will kill pathogenic microbes. Thanks to analgetic – a holin to salicylate - it is quickly soaked up. Simplification comes in 2-3 minutes and works till 8 o'clock. You apply gel to 3 times a day. Plus of Holisal is in what overdose is almost impossible. Thanks to the viscosity it well keeps on mucous membranes and not at once is washed away by saliva. Therefore to put means repeatedly there is no need.


Dentol gel begins to work practically in a minute after drawing. Medicine has no negative impact on an organism, but time of its action of only 20 minutes. It is possible to apply it from 4 months and 7 times a day are not more often. The benzocaine which is contained in structure is non-toxic. Gel can be contraindicated at individual intolerance. Gels for children at a teething, choose strictly individually. If one medicine did not approach, replace it with another. The main criterion is safety for the child. The means, the more negative impact on an organism is stronger. Surely consult to the doctor before application as children can have individual reactions to components of gels.

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