What hair can be done the girl

What hair can be done the girl

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Many mothers ask a question what hair can be done the girl, except classical braids and tails. Actually options of hairstyles for girls exists much.

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1. If the girl has short hair, then the hairstyle "bean" would be the most convenient for it. Universal "caret" will be suitable for hair of average length. Both of these hairstyles easily recover, comb hair, keep within. Therefore the girl could cope with care for them independently, even when there is no mom nearby. For creation of a festive look at such hairstyle use beautiful hairpins, invisible beings with rhinestones, rims for the head with brilliant jewelry, tapes.

2. On long and average length hair braids of original weaving, such as "dragon", "fish tail", "cone", "the French braid" perfectly look. As option of such hairstyles - braid two braids on the head, having fixed them by elastic bands on the ends.

3. Long hair give the chance to experiment with a huge number of hairstyles. Wind the girl's hair on large hair curlers. Braid rather weak braid from wavy hair. Into the spit interweave a thin tape or fix it on the end by an elastic. The braid can be twisted for a variation of a hairstyle on the head, to do by knot, fixing on a nape or on the top by hairpins, to stack around the head.

4. For birthday make festive option of a hairstyle. Wind clean hair of the child on average of the size of hair curlers. Straighten curls hands, without combing them. Put on the rim on the head decorated with flowers. Slightly sprinkle hair varnish for the best safety of curls.

5. Braid a rim it is necessary a forehead a braid "a fish tail", having taken in it a bang if it is long. Fix the end of weaving by an elastic band. Hide a tip of a braid under hair behind an ear. Other hair in such hairstyle remain dismissed. They can be wound on the curling iron, hair curlers or to leave straight lines.

6. Comb carefully long hair. Take a big lock on the right side of the head and begin to twist it in the direction inside (towards a nape). When twirl a lock, record it a clip. Do the same with other lock on the left side. Intercept both locks together with the remained hair in the center an elastic or a brooch which will well hold the created knot.

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