What has to be a chair at the baby

What has to be a chair at the baby

After the child's birth the young mothers pay special attention to a chair of the newborn. Contents of a diaper change in process of growing of the kid and can strongly differ even at healthy children.


1. In the first 2-3 days of life of the baby the chair of the baby has to be black or black-green and viscous. So the kid has meconium – first-born kcal. Approximately at every fifth baby meconium comes out in mother's womb. However if your kid in the first days does not crap, surely report about it to the doctor. Perhaps, the child needs the help.

2. From the 3rd day the chair of the baby begins to change. It gradually brightens, becomes at first brown, and then gray-green. By the end of the first week of excrements change color to light brown or mustard. On consistence the chair every day becomes more and more liquid.

3. By the beginning of the 2nd week of life of the baby the contents of a diaper become mustard or yellow, sometimes with greens. In a chair white lumps of undigested breast milk and also a slime impregnation can meet. Excrements of the newborn can be liquid or kasheobrazny.

4. The excrement of intestines can occur to, after or at meal time and also when the child sleeps. During feeding some mothers note an explosive chair at the baby: the kid craps with a sharp sound, without coming off a breast.

5. When breastfeeding before input of a feeding up the chair of the child can have practically any color and consistence. The green chair with slime, lumps of milk or foam is considered norm if the kid feels well and develops as it is necessary. However if in Calais the child you found blood, it is necessary to call the doctor immediately.

6. The newborn can crap till 7-10 once a day. If at your child such chair is observed regularly, contents of a diaper have no pungent unpleasant smell and do not foam, the kid feels well, do not worry, it is not a diarrhea. The lack of a chair up to 10 days is considered also normal. It is not necessary to apply exhaust tubes or to put laxative candles if the child craps itself, his kcal soft or liquid and the lack of a chair does not bring him discomfort. A lock indicator – rigid kcal, but not a long absence of defecation.

7. However if the kid has solid excrements, the kcal has a pungent unpleasant smell, the child worries or badly gains weight, it is necessary to address for consultation the pediatrician or the children's gastroenterologist.

8. Young mom should be guided by health, activity and development of the child, but not by diaper contents. The cheerful, active kid who is well gaining weight has the right for a chair of any color, consistence and frequency.

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