What has to be a day regimen at the pregnant woman

What has to be a day regimen at the pregnant woman

That childbirth took place easily, and the kid was born healthy and strong, future mother should care for herself during pregnancy. It is especially important to make a daily routine correctly. Of course, some women try to work up to the ninth month, sleep for 4-5 hours a day and eat when it is necessary, however it is not necessary to act this way.

In the first 12 weeks of pregnancy it is possible to keep a habitual daily routine and to work as before. However you remember that it concerns only healthy women to whom has the luck not to face toxicosis. If after survey the doctor advised to switch over to the security mode, it is necessary to correct a daily routine a little, as well as a diet.

After the 12th week even healthy, strong women need to begin to change a day regimen gradually. Future mom needs to have a rest more, to walk, eat healthy food of 4-5 times a day more often. Having worked as 1 hour, it is necessary to have a rest 5-7 minutes, besides if it is necessary to work at the computer, it is necessary to depart from the monitor, to allow eyes to have a rest. It is not necessary to exhaust itself hard work, frequent shopping, performance of a set of tiresome affairs. The pregnant woman has to remember: caring for itself, she cares for the kid.

After the 30th week of change in a day regimen will become essential. Whenever possible at this time it is already necessary to take a maternity leave and for a while to forget about work. If there was not enough time for performance of special exercises for pregnant women earlier, now it needs to be found. Of course, before the choice of sets of exercises surely it is necessary to consult to the doctor. Not superfluous will be to find several hours a week on visits of school for pregnant women. The chronic sleep debt in the last trimester is undesirable therefore build the day so that you could have a sleep at least 8-9 hours. If at night you did not get enough sleep, it is possible to arrange a quiet time in the afternoon. It is worth eating strictly on hours, observing the recommendations of the doctor.

If you do not know what daily routine should be chosen, consult the experienced expert. Having examined you and having learned all necessary data on your health, it will help to make the individual mode. You should not neglect the offered recommendations, it is not only about you, but also about the kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team