What has to be a day regimen of the 10-month-old child?

What has to be a day regimen of the 10-month-old child?

The day regimen of the 10-month-old child consists of series of feedings, a dream and wakefulness. In day the child needs to sleep in total 13-15 hours, the periods of wakefulness should not exceed 2.5-3.5 hours, and an interval between feedings - 2-4 hours.

For each child the mode

There are no accurate uniform instructions for all children. However, it is also not necessary as each child has the temperament, and grows at character in own unique conditions and family traditions. Not for nothing now WHO (and our mummies in the majority agree with this organization) recommends feeding on demand. It means that the child eats when wants and so much how many will want. As, it is impossible to foresee desires of the child, it does not make sense and to make an accurate daily routine.

However several months later after the birth, anyway each kid has the day regimen. In fact, it is convenient to parents, at the child habits are formed and fixed. Besides, by 10 months the kids use several feedings up which introduction imposes more requirements to a day regimen of mother and the child.

You proceed from feedings up

So, feedings up have to force out gradually chest food from a day diet of the 10-month-old child. For gradual fading of a lactation it is better to alternate feedings up and chest feedings. Proceeding from it, by 10 months at the child on average 3 feedings up. Between a feeding up and chest feeding at least 2 hours are recommended to do an interval. A daytime sleep the kid at this age has to have 2-3 times, it usually follows after feedings. At night the kid sleeps about 9 hours. At the same time up to 5 times in a night can eat. Night feedings happen in a light slumber. The child begins to turn, sometimes to cheep – then offer him a breast. Proceeding from the developed picture of feedings and a dream, between them it is necessary to distribute 1-2 walks in the fresh air, the periods of wakefulness of the house, a game, exercise and hygienic procedures. So, bathing is better to make before going to bed, and massage and gymnastics – in the morning. However, for the night the kid can also make the light weakening massage. If you train the child in diving in the bathroom, then it is better to hold a training in the morning, after awakening, to food. On walks children usually well sleep therefore plan them right after feeding so that upon termination of it was possible to come back home to new meal. Among house games distribute mobile, emotional (morning) and quiet (evening).

Approximate mode

Proceeding from the aforesaid, approximate regime of the average healthy child will look so: 8.00 – awakening, washing (a training with diving) 9.00 – a feeding up 10.00 – the first day сон11.00th massage, gimnastika11.30 - house igry12.00 – 13.00 – chest kormleniye13.00 – the first walk, the second day son15.00 – 16.00 – prikorm16.00 – house igry18.00 – chest kormleniye19.00 – the second walk, the third day son20.00 – house igry21.00 – 22.00 – prikorm23.00 – preparation for sleeping, hygienic protsedury24.00 – chest kormleniye24.00 – 8.00 – a dream, 2-5 night feedings

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