What has to be the first feeding up for the kid

What has to be the first feeding up for the kid

The best food for children in the first months of life is breast milk - it is ideal for the newborn's food. Every day the kid becomes more senior, and by 6 months the pediatricians recommend to enter the first feeding up that the children's organism began to get used to various food.

The first feeding up has to be most sparing for sensitive digestive system of the kid. For this reason single-component low allergy ingredients vegetable purees - a squash, a cauliflower, broccoli best of all are suitable for the first feeding up.

Puree has to be uniform and is only insignificant differ in density from breast milk. The first portion of vegetable puree should be offered the kid before morning feeding, and its size should not exceed 1\2 teaspoons.

After the child eats puree, it needs to give a breast. If on a feeding up there are no negative reactions, next day it is possible to increase a portion to 1 teaspoon, and then to gradually increase serving size until the child eats 100 g of vegetable puree a day.

It is not recommended to begin a feeding up with fruit purees - after sweet food the child can refuse fresh vegetables. Besides, sweet fruit at early age increase risk of development of caries and violation of exchange processes.

At first enter vegetables into a diet of the child, then - fruit, and only after them - meat. Fish is entered into a diet of the kid in the last turn - the child receives the first fish dishes not earlier than 9-10 months.

What purees are suitable for a feeding up

At the age of 5-6 months it is possible to enter into a diet of the child gradually single-component broccoli, cauliflower, squash purees, bush pumpkins or zucchini, green peas, spinach. A small amount of potatoes is also allowed if the child well apprehended the first feeding up.

After the child tastes vegetable purees, he can offer fruit - green apples and pears puree is suitable for the first fruit feeding up.

At the age of 6-8 months the emergence of multicomponent purees in the kids menu is allowed. It can be vegetable and fruit combinations, dairy and fruit desserts without sugar and preservatives and also combinations from meat and vegetables for children are more senior than 7 months.

The sour-milk products adapted for feeding of kids can be entered into the child's diet after 6-7 months.

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