What has to be the woman

What has to be the woman

The ideal – a concept subjective, and according to some, it just does not exist. Nevertheless, scientists puzzle not one year over a question: what has to be the real woman? Make its identikit and investigate inner world.

External data

For the real woman there is no need to have ideal parameters or to sparkle a white teeth smile - as from covers of glossy magazines. But in her appearance there has to be something special that will attract people around, to attract interest, to calm and create feeling of happiness.

She should not be afraid to emphasize the identity. It is after all its highlight, and blind imitation people around – not its fad.

Such girl will hardly begin to go to far in cosmetics, to put on herself something vulgar and defiant.

She has to know that in the woman the riddle is important. It gives to the young lady a certain charm. Besides, she should know what clothes to it go, will help to emphasize advantages and to disguise shortcomings. It is important to learn to look very womanly: to work on the flying gait, to accurately stack the streaming curls, to exactly hold a back, showing to people around the beautiful bearing. It is necessary to resemble not the ornamented dolls who are carrying out till half a day in beauty shops, but at the same time to look always tidy and well-groomed in any situation.

Behavior manner

The real woman has to radiate literally love, and to warm with the warm-heartedness everything around. Near it it has to be pleasant to be. Not only thanks to her ability to create a cosiness around itself, but also abilities to listen. Follows it he is sympathetic to react to requests for the help and to show sympathy for persons in need. Besides, the true woman should not dare to release roughnesses to other people, it is tactless to behave, to use foul language and so on. Besides, the ideal woman has to have worldly wisdom therefore to treat vital disorders and other troubles rather calmly, and to pass through all difficulties adequately with highly raised head.

On the other hand, it that still coquette. Also does it very naturally.

Also real woman has to know the own worth and not allow anybody to offend or offend herself even if it is about the beloved. In addition, the true woman should have rather wide range of interests, but not to be obsessed only with children and family. She has to try to realize herself in this life. The similar aspiration will make her even more attractive personality and will cause delights of people around. It is important that the woman, as they say, "had a brain". Both it is interesting to talk to such person, and there is a wish to address for council. Silly people seldom cause something bigger, than irritation or compassion. At best - affection.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team