What has to enter a morning toilet of the newborn

What has to enter a morning toilet of the newborn

The newborn child – very fragile and gentle creation which demands special care. Daily carrying out a morning and evening dress will help to keep and strengthen health of the baby.

The morning toilet of the newborn needs to be carried out after his feeding when the child is full and does not want to sleep more. All complex consists of several procedures.


First of all it is necessary to exempt the baby from a diaper. Then wash away the kid warm flowing water. If pollution do not manage to be washed away, it is possible to use children's soap.

Washing away the boy, arrange him on one hand so that his breast and a stomach were on your forearm, and the head lay in an elbow bend. Wash a back, buttocks and a crotch of the kid. Then rinse genitals. With the girl it is a little more difficult. Turn her a tummy up and wash away, moving in front back. It will prevent hit of an infection in a sexual crack.

Having washed up the child, wrap him in a soft towel and blot skin. In the absence of hot water, children's wet towel wipes will come to the rescue. However you should not use them too often.

Processing of a navel

For processing of an umbilical wound you will need hydrogen peroxide, solution of the chlorofilipt and usual brilliant green. Moisten a Q-tip with peroxide and accurately process the place of a navel. Remove with a clean dry stick sodden crusts and the formed pollution. Then process a wound spirit solution of the chlorofilipt or diamond greens. Some doctors do not recommend to use brilliant green as because of coloring of skin it is possible not to notice the arisen reddenings, blood or purulent allocations.

Prevention of an intertrigo

Choosing oil or lotion for the kid, pay attention to its structure. It is the best of all to use the means made of natural ingredients: germs of wheat, peach stones, etc. You avoid cosmetics containing mineral oils, paraffin and silicones. Pour a small amount of means in a palm and distribute it on all folds of the child: behind ears, in a neck, armpits, in elbow and knee bends, on wrists, palms and stupnyakh and also in a groin.


For washing of the child in the first months of his life use only boiled water. Moisten a cotton pad and process one eye of the kid, moving from an internal corner to external. Take a blank disk and repeat the same with the second eye. At emergence of small purulent allocations it is possible to replace water with camomile infusion. Then wipe a child's face with one more cotton pad. Clean with the smooth twisting movements a nose and ears of the kid, using cotton zhgutik. Do not climb too deeply. Also it is strictly forbidden to use for these purposes Q-tips, matches and other firm objects.

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