What healthy habits the child needs to impart

What healthy habits the child needs to impart

It is known that each child learns the world around by means of modeling of behavior surrounding people and also by means of observation for other people, adults and children. If parents are ardent fans and supporters of politeness and healthy, correct habits, then and the child will correspond completely. For this reason the child should impart important habits for his happiness and health.


It is extremely important to organize the correct schedule of life of the child, including a dream at the same time. The dream in identical time is important every day because it helps to save an organism from toxins. Also the dream at the same time promotes mental health and growth of the child. To make the procedure of falling asleep of the easiest, it is necessary to think up special ritual action – it can be the fairy tale, a lullaby or massage.


Every day it is necessary to carry out in the fresh air. In order that the child developed both mentally, and physically, it is necessary to spend every day together with him on the street at least 3-4 hours. If on the street it is rather cool for the child, it is possible to reduce walk time.


Very often the reason of sharp fatigue of the child and his irritability is dehydration. Children will not ask water if they become thirsty, water is not so tasty as juice or lemonade. In such cases it is necessary to go on cunning and to exclude from a diet any drinks, except water.


Only healthy snack so it is not necessary to stock up with chips or candies are necessary. In access, free for the child, always there have to be vegetables and fruit useful to health. The usefulness can spread out everyones directly in the fridge or on a table that the child could reach and choose that he will be pleasant to it most of all.


In a food allowance there has to be fish though children most often ignore products and dishes from her. In fish the omega-3 of the elements directly affecting intelligence of the child is a lot of. It will be correct to use fish at least three times in one week.


It seems, it is simple – to wash hands only more often. The complexity is that the child needs to be taught it, and on a personal example. It is important, the simple hygienic procedure will be able to save the child from diseases.


The breakfast has to be obligatory in a day regimen for any child, his health and progress depends on existence of a breakfast.

Important tradition

It is important to eat food all together that each of family members could exchange with other impressions for the whole day. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team