What impact the Internet has on teenagers

What impact the Internet has on teenagers

Still some 10 years ago the Internet was for many in wonder, today it is necessary for the civilized person as air. It facilitates life of people ten times, helps and entertains them in different ways. But, if the adult created personality is able to distinguish the evil from good, then how the Internet influences teenagers?


1. Teenagers reached the new level of development in comparison with the parents: - they it is aware of news of all planet; - understand various spheres of life not worse than adults; - are not afraid to state openly the point of view; - constantly share information with friends and in tons absorb it daily.

2. With it they are actively helped by the Internet. Someone photographs everything on the way and tells others about the impressions, someone attentively gets a grasp of a news feed and is divided the emotions by any given occasion. And someone "lives the Internet", spending the best part of the life for the virtual world.

3. The Internet strongly attaches to itself, and thoughts of the teenager are constantly busy with the same. It does not represent the life without certain actions any more and cannot resist: To persuasive expectation of the following access to the network. To reduction of time for things, necessary for any person, – meal, a dream.

4. To visit of the website in the course of study, reading or other, not related work. To unwillingness to communicate with people at a personal meeting. To insuperable thirst for news, anybody checked for reliability and, often, absolutely unnecessary.

5. To attempt to leave from problems or to muffle feelings of helplessness, fault, alarm or depression by means of visit of network. To emergence of fatigue, irritability at the termination of stay in a world wide web and insuperable desire to return back. At the same time the teenager denies the dependence, justifying oneself with the fact that he has to be modern and that without the Internet it is impossible to study and be aware of events now.

6. Really, if to look at modern methods of training and development, then pretty often there is an implementation of computer technologies. But there are also positive facts in favor of the Internet which cannot be challenged. By means of them the teenager can: Constantly to be in touch with those who are dear to him, but are at huge distance. To comprehend new levels of useful knowledge, to form such qualities of the personality as ingenuity, speed and creativity of thinking, enterprise.

7. To meet new people, to find friends and societies on interests. To learn the world by means of electronic dictionaries, the training programs, encyclopedias, good movies. To learn to be responsible for the acts and to see their reflection in reality.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team