What infections are transmitted from mother to the child

What infections are transmitted from mother to the child

In the positive analysis on an infection at pregnancy the doctors are often reinsured, intimidating the woman. But actually not everything is so terrible and not each infection will have negative consequences for the child.

Viral hepatitis

A,B,C,D, E. Popadaya in a human body treat viral hepatitis, they cause acute viral hepatitis, and it can proceed asymptomatically. Viruses B, C and D can cause chronic damage of a liver.

What hepatitis can be dangerous to the child by. On an extent all pregnancies the risk of an abortion and premature birth can remain. The risk of bleeding during childbirth and the postnatal period is possible. The risk of infection of the child increases if the woman gets sick with hepatitis in the third trimester or in case of damage of a placenta. Most often the child is infected with hepatitis during passing of patrimonial ways.

As prevention do to such children vaccination by hyperimmune gamma globulin. Women with chronic hepatitis A can transfer it to the child only during patrimonial process. At the same time also breastfeeding is possible if the newborn has no injuries of a mucous membrane of a mouth.


By this "a cat's infection" doctors in clinic for women very much like to frighten. Though 70% of women have antibodies to this infection. Toxoplasmosis constitutes danger only if infection occurs directly during pregnancy. Infection long before pregnancy does not influence future kid in any way. During expectation observe precautionary measures at communication with a cat. Wash hands after the games with her, wash a tray only in rubber gloves.


The virus of herpes happens two types – the first type affects respiratory organs, the second – genitals. And, if at you never was herpes symptoms it does not mean that it is not in an organism. Often pregnancy happens that mechanism that starts a disease.

In utero infection of the child happens herpes of the second type. Most often infection occurs if exacerbation of herpes was the share of childbirth. During pregnancy the women having risks on an infection need to watch dynamics of change of quantity of antibodies.


The Cytomegaloviral infection hides in an organism asymptomatically too. The only thing that can give it, this sudden decrease in immunity. For future kid the tsitomegalovurusny infection can constitute danger if mom was infected with it already being a pregnant woman. Symptoms of infection of the child can be diagnosed on ultrasonography (increase in a spleen and liver) and in blood test on existence of antibodies. 


Rubella, perhaps, the most dangerous infection for future child. If the woman already had a rubella, repeated infection does not threaten it and does not influence a fruit in any way. It is easier to prevent a rubella, than to treat. Therefore in due time it is necessary to make vaccination (during pregnancy it is impossible to do inoculations categorically) and to avoid places of spread of a disease (frequent it is kindergarten).

If there is a suspicion on contact with the patient with a rubella, it is necessary to take a blood test on definition of protivokrasnushny antibodies. Even if antibodies are not defined, it is necessary to make the repeated test in three weeks. If in the repeated analysis of an antibody are shown, it is possible to diagnose a rubella.  

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