What inoculations can be done to pregnant women

What inoculations can be done to pregnant women

By means of immunization it is possible to protect an organism of pregnant women from some diseases. However it is always worth proportioning degree of risk and necessity of a certain vaccine.

It is known that thanks to antibodies which were acquired passively the child can provide the necessary protection against diseases. The first months of his life often are particularly complex. For this reason immunization of pregnant women is considered very important. Many future mothers worry because their diseases and the taken medicine can affect health of the child. Separately it should be taken into account the problem of preventive inoculations. All because they can or protect the child from a disease, or do much harm to it.

Doctors claim that it is better not to avoid necessary vaccination. Just it is worth knowing and understanding what inoculations are considered as admissible for pregnant women.

When does future mother need an inoculation?

Immunization can be carried out only in case of a high possibility of infection: - after contact with the diseased; - at an adverse general epidemiological situation. If there is no urgent need to do an inoculation, then it is better to refuse it. Influence of the majority of vaccines on development of the child is still insufficiently studied. But in case of threat of a serious disease which can do much harm considerably to the child it is impossible to refuse similar additional measures of immunization.

What vaccines happen?

In total there are several types of vaccines: - the active or inactivated types of viruses; - inactive bacteria; - standard or specialized immunoglobulins; - toxoids. During pregnancy it is impossible to do preventive inoculations by various live vaccines, the virus can breed, having got to an organism. After transfer to his child, pathology of development of a fruit can be formed or there will be an abortion. Similar viruses are quite dangerous when from the moment of vaccination or a disease there passed less than three months before conception.

Passive vaccination is considered absolutely harmless. In a similar case enter already killed virus or immunoglobulin into an organism.

Immunization should be carried out when the probability of infection is quite high. Similar happens in case of big epidemic. At the same time it is necessary to consider risks, the possibility of a complication has to remain extremely small. Sometimes for the purpose of prevention it is worth avoiding communication with infected only. The pregnant woman should not do preventive vaccination which safety was not managed to be proved yet. Among resolved it is possible to allocate inoculations: - from flu, - meningitis, - rage. In addition, if necessary, it is possible to carry out vaccination against tetanus, rage and diphtheria. If other inoculations are necessary, it is necessary to consult previously with the doctor.

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