What is déjà vu

What is déjà vu

The deja vu interested people throughout many centuries, at least, attempts to describe this phenomenon and to find out its reasons were conducted in antiquity, in the Middle Ages, and, of course, many scientists try to solve this riddle today. That it is memoirs from antecedents, an opportunity to predict future or experiments of alien civilizations – so far nobody can give the exact answer.

What is the deja vu

The word "deja vu" it is possible to describe a mental condition of the person when he, having appeared in a situation, unusual for it, and in the unusual atmosphere, feels that similar already occurred in his life. At the same time borders of real are kind of moved apart, many note that they see themselves as if from outside. The insignificant trifle – a smell, the image, a sound can cause such feeling. Begins to seem that all events already took place in the past, however, there is no opportunity to precisely define in what specifically timepoint it was – 10 years ago or three days, the accurate feeling of repetition of events is simple to eat. It is interesting that some people, being in a condition of a deja vu, can even foretell what will happen in a short term. After a while perception of reality is normalized, but memoirs about endured often are very bright. The phenomenon this quite widespread, practically each person at least once in life tested it, and the people having epilepsy are subject to this phenomenon more.

Etymology of the word "deja vu"

The term "deja vu" has the French roots. It is formed from the word "déjà" that means "already", and – to see forms of the verb "voir". For the first time such phrase (the word "deja vu" is written in French separately – déjà vu) was used by the psychologist Emil Buarak at the end of the 19th century in the book devoted to new trends in psychiatry. It is interesting that there is a term "zhamevyu" designating an opposite state – when the person, staying in well familiar place, feels that it appeared here for the first time. It is formed also from the French words "jamais" and "vu" - never seen.

As the science explains a deja vu

There is a set of versions why there is a deja vu. Along with controversial statements that soul remembers antecedents events and other similar assumptions, there are serious scientific works on this subject. So, for example, Andrey Kurgan in the book "Phenomenon Déjà Vu" by difficult calculations about change of structure of time comes to a conclusion that he falls into a similar condition of people when endured in a dream finds display in the present. At the same time the American scientists defined that a part of a brain has the hippocampus participating in the course of transition of long-term memory to long-term direct to the relation to emergence of effect of a deja vu. The proteins which are contained here give a signal if the image was already earlier familiar to the person. However while it is impossible to conduct full-fledged researches of a deja vu for the simple reason – it a state cannot be caused artificially or to calculate when it comes.

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