What is female solidarity

What is female solidarity

About notorious female solidarity disputes are conducted long ago. And most briskly this subject is discussed by men. Some of them are sure that it really exists and that any woman is always ready to support other woman, from the pure principle irrespective of, that is right, or not. But there is a lot of also such men who indulgently grin, hearing about female solidarity! About it the fair sex has no consensus also. So it for the mysterious phenomenon – female solidarity?

What behavior can be taken for female solidarity

The woman protects the woman, from the point of view of the man behaves illogically. It is all about female solidarity. Really, situations when the woman supports other woman in her conflict, a dispute with the man are frequent. Whether it is a consequence of that notorious solidarity? Sometimes – yes. But happens that the reason completely different. Because of the noticeable psychological difference between floors caused by various composition of hormones and different education of boys and girls, same-gender representatives understand each other, than representatives of different floors better. Therefore the woman in 99% of cases without any explanations will understand, than the position of other woman is caused why that behaved quite so, but not differently. And the man often cannot understand it and is irritated, taking behavior of the partner for a whim or obstinacy. If other woman gets up on her party, the man draws a conclusion that all girls are at one with each other.

However it is unfair, the woman in such dispute, the conflict can support also the man if comes to a conclusion that he is right.

The woman, as a rule, is more emotional, vulnerable, than the man. Therefore she is always ready to sympathize with other woman who has problems, troubles (especially a grief). To listen to her, to embrace, calm, even to cry together with her. Whether it is possible to consider it solidarity? Quite perhaps.

Though it can also be regarded as ordinary human participation, kindness.

The woman surely will help the girlfriend to get to fall in love the man with whom that sympathizes. Since councils for the choice of clothes, a hairstyle and make-up, finishing with unostentatious "pushing" of the indecisive gentleman.

Whether always women are solidary

Where personal interests face, there is no female solidarity. When the woman sees that other woman can intrude on her personal territory, about any solidarity out of the question. Even the best friends if they got acquainted with the interesting man who was pleasant to both become competitors. The man in love with the woman can "leave off the road" not to disturb happiness of the friend in love with it. For the weaker sex the similar behavior is almost unreal. "Mine – means, mine!" - it the woman follows the rule sacredly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team