What is fights

What is fights

Each pregnant woman with impatience and along with fear expects approach of fights. That they represent, know only those who already learned joy of motherhood. But also for those to whom first labor in the life is coming it is necessary to be prepared for them in advance, a lot of things depend on behavior of the woman in labor during the fights.


1. Fights are involuntary, regular, from half-minute to 2 minutes, reduction of a uterus which belong to the patrimonial forces expelling a fruit. They testify to the beginning of patrimonial process. Characteristic sign of the beginning of fights is pain. It accrues gradually and also passes. In the beginning fights are felt as small discomfort in the bottom of a stomach. At first the interval between them makes about half an hour (perhaps and more), at the same time reduction of a uterus lasts from 5 to 10 seconds. Gradually their frequency, duration and intensity increase. The last fights preceding attempts have the maximum force and duration.

2. Quite often during the fights the mucous stopper protecting a uterus from an infection during pregnancy can depart. Its otkhozhdeniye demonstrates the coming childbirth. It does not say that they will begin this day, but it is desirable to refuse trips and to spend this period more at home. If the mucous stopper departed in 2 weeks prior to estimated childbirth, and in it blood was found, immediately see a doctor.

3. Sometimes prior to the fights the fetal bubble bursts. It is most characteristic of pervorozhavshy women. Time of pouring out of amniotic waters and their color it is necessary to remember and report about it to the doctor. In this case it is necessary to go to maternity hospital as soon as possible.

4. It is also necessary to go to maternity hospital at once if the interval between fights different and is observed severe pain and also at repeated childbirth. Very often last occur much more promptly than first labor therefore it is better not to hesitate with it. If similar situations did not occur, go to maternity hospital when time between fights to be reduced to 8 minutes.

5. Quite often you can feel periodic reductions of a uterus, relying that it and is fights. However most often it is the false contractions which are harbingers of fast childbirth. They prepare mother's organism for childbirth and have irregular character. The period between false contractions is not reduced. They develop usually in half an hour for four hours. You are capable to stop such fights independently for what just relax, take a shower, reach a comfortable position and drink a glass of water. Also massage of sacral department of a backbone is useful here.

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