What is harmonization of the relations

What is harmonization of the relations

Many couples – and recently arisen, and with a long family standing are interested in an issue of harmonization of the relations. Help to reach full harmony and compatibility of technology of harmonization of the relations.

Harmonization of the relations between spouses

Harmonization of the relations is a creation of favorable family climate for both spouses. Guarantee of family harmony – unity of three components: physical compatibility, emotional bond and spiritual relationship.

Many married couples face family problems sooner or later. Only all solve them differently – through quarrels and scandals or through love and aspiration to understand. Helps to solve problems and to keep family to spouses the "base" built by them which basis is the love.

Love – the main fastening family component. Love, passion, attachment are only illusions which very quickly take place. The true love is shown in full acceptance of other person, with all his shortcomings and advantages. An example of true love – maternal love for the child even if he is not an angel. True love it is necessary to cultivate. Unfortunately, many families do not manage to reach even a stage of early love, running up after fading of the first bright feelings. Enemies of love are claims and ingratitude. There is a simple rule – give more, than take. And it is necessary to give feelings, time, attention, tenderness. One more important point which needs to be acquired if you want to harmonize the relations, – family roles. The husband has to be the captain of your family ship, the wife – the person, providing a cosiness and comfort during swimming. If you undertake others role – your family ship will hardly sail far.

Technology of harmonization of the relations

The Spheres equipment helps in case you become angry about the spouse or he irritates you. The purpose of this equipment is to remove negative emotions and to be tuned into positive communication. Sit down or lay down more conveniently and mentally present two transparent spheres in which there are you and your spouse. Fill these spheres with light symbolizing the world, tranquility, love. If you the believing person – can say a prayer or ask God to bless you and to help. Then allow spheres to merge in one and push away them in space. The following equipment is designed to help with a case of lack of mutual understanding or at a distance of spouses. For it you will need paints or pencils and three sheets of paper. Close eyes and present the husband in the animal form. Draw this animal and everything that surrounds it. Make the same also concerning yourself. Put drawings before yourself and think of these animals – whether one they a look what their relationship that alienates them from each other. Then present that animals have to be together, and think up their new images. Draw new animals on one leaf, paying special attention to what brings together them. On the basis of your drawings make the list of steps which you have to undertake towards your partner to bring together you. And surely execute everything conceived.

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