What is important for hygiene of the newborn

What is important for hygiene of the newborn

That the kid was healthy, cheerful and slept really as the baby, it is important to observe several hygienic procedures. Something needs to be done daily, and something time in several days. How it is correct to process eyes, a nose and ears of the baby? How often it is necessary to bathe and wash the newborn's head?

It is required to you

  • cotton cotton wool;
  • Q-tips with the limiter;
  • boiled water;
  • baby oil;
  • children's soap;
  • children's scissors with the rounded-off ends;
  • means for bathing.


1. Clarification of the person. Remove the milk remains on the face of the kid, using the moistened cotton wool or wet towel wipes. It is possible to do it not only in the morning and in the evening, and in process of pollution.

2. Washing of eyes. It is necessary to do it twice a day by the cotton wool moistened in boiled or the filtered water. Movements have to be from an outer edge to internal. For each eye use separate cotton wool.

3. Clarification of ears. It is obligatory to clean ears in the presence in them sulfur and garbage. It is possible to do it not every day. Do not use simple Q-tips for clarification of ears of the child at all - it is unsafe! Get special children's Q-tips with the limiter or use the cotton wool curtailed in zhgutik. The vatu is better to take cotton. It is extremely difficult to make of synthetic cotton wool zhgutik. Cotton cotton wool is on sale in pharmacies in the form of hardly twisted roll.

4. Moistening of a nose. Mucous the kid should be humidified. Besides it is necessary to delete crusts which are often formed in a nose at newborns and complicate breath of the child. Just twist zhgutik from cotton cotton wool, moisten it a little in baby oil (oil should not drip from cotton wool) and insert into a nose of the kid, scroll zhgutik between fingers to grease mucous and to remove korostochka. For each nostril use the zhgutik. You can use children's Q-tips, but surely having the limiter. At the same time cotton zhgutik is the safest way for cleaning of a children's nose and ears.

5. Washing of hands. The earlier you will begin to wash hands to the baby, the better. Clean hands - one of ways to avoid the intestinal infections which are so extended for children. According to infectiologists to wash hands to the child up to 8 times better in day. Get used to wash with hand soap before each contact with the baby and accustom from early age of the kid to purity of hands.

6. Hairstyle of nails on hands and legs. For this purpose buy special children's scissors with the rounded-off ends. It is better to cut nails often and gradually. Too long nails at kids easily break.

7. Bathing. It is necessary to bathe the kid every day. If bathing invigorates your child, do it in the morning. And if your kid sleeps after the bathroom tight, then it is better to bathe in the evening. It is first better to bathe together with the husband. It both the help to you, and a way to involve the child's father in process of care for the baby. It is necessary to use means for bathing one or two times a week. Too frequent bathing with soap will strongly overdry the newborn's skin.

8. Washing of the head. It is necessary to wash the head of the kid just with water at each bathing as the head of kids strongly sweats. And here it is worth using shampoo not more often than one-two times a week. It is convenient to get for the kid means for bathing "from the head to legs". It is possible to wash with such means both a body, and the child's hair. Before purchase surely make sure that means is recommended for kids from the first days of life and does not pinch eyes (these marks have to be on packing).

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