What is ""Lolita's syndrome"

What is ""Lolita's syndrome"

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Lolita is a character of the scandalous novel of the same name of Nabokov. However for quite some time now in modern psychology the term "Lolita's syndrome" appeared. It called a mental disorder at young young ladies, too early seeking to enter adulthood.

What is "Lolita's syndrome"?

Lolita or the girl nymphet are the young person who only entered the teenage period at whom signs of puberty are already obviously shown. "The pubertal period" is not the easiest moment in life of any person which is characterized by certain physiological processes. If hormonal reorganization at girls during puberty begins about 8 years, then it is considered premature. However, by results of modern researches, now premature hormonal reorganization of an organism is observed at every sixth girl. In particular it concerns young ladies with an excess weight.

As young girls not absolutely give the report to sexual desire and do not know how to control themselves, they quite often become an easy mark for more senior representatives of an opposite sex. For some of them even teenage promiscuity – frequent change of sexual partners at so early age is peculiar. And some, besides, together with it begin to try also other "adult" hobbies – alcohol and drugs.

Reasons of "Lolita's syndrome"

Often "Lolita's syndrome" is shown at girls to whom due consideration from parents is not paid. They since early years are provided to themselves therefore taste adulthood ahead of time. There are girls to whom care of their adult boyfriends replaces the love of the father half-received in the childhood. Besides, it fairly lifts their self-assessment. If earlier they wanted to feel beautiful and favourite, then now appeared people who cares for them and constantly gives compliments. Having realized the appeal, girls open for themselves new ways of manipulation by means of sexuality. Though is more often than Lolita - not manipulators, and the victims. Adult admirers use them and throw when to them takes in head. Some girls want to mature quicker, looking at the idols – beautiful models, actresses or even on favourite many a Barbie doll. They want rather to begin to use cosmetics, to wear heels and to behave as it befits adult women. In this regard a number of scientists even thought of admissibility of production of toys with so ideal, attractive appearance, as at Barbie. Media add fuel to the fire too – boards dazzle with half-naked beauties therefore at the subconscious level it seems to girls that without existence of aggressive sexuality they just will achieve nothing in life. If you noticed manifestation of "Lolita's syndrome" at the child, then it is necessary to pay it more attention, and to reduce in case of need on a conversation with the psychologist.

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