What is Marilyn Monroe's syndrome

What is Marilyn Monroe's syndrome

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The famous people often have any features or strangenesses distinguishing them from some other "stars". And some such lines are so unusual that they become the name for any phenomenon. So left also with a psychological problem of the famous film actress and a sex symbol of the first half of the twentieth century of Marilyn Monroe – nee Norma Jean Baker.

Key part of the problem

Psychologists say that nearly a half of women of the planet suffers from Marilyn Monroe's syndrome. It is expressed in permanent disgust for itself(himself), rejection of and constant fruitless search of love.

By tradition, psychoanalysts look for the problem reason in the childhood. And with Marilyn Monroe's syndrome – it can appear at quite early age if the child does not get parental love. In this case he begins to look for it from the outside. The child looks for approvals of people around, it wants to be pleasant to all, to achieve attention, admiration, recognition. Feels what constantly needs something, but cannot find satisfaction.

Here two feelings enter confrontation: feeling of unworthy love and passionate desire to get it. Besides, at all wellbeing of people, suffering from Monroe's syndrome, will feel like all the same the loser. It is possible to refer to the main signs of this phenomenon: - constant feeling of extremely unattractive personality; - feeling of child; - reticence, frequent emotional jumps, isolation; - mad uncontrollable jealousy; - terrible fear of loneliness; - the underestimated self-assessment; - the increased sacrifice; - preference of male tyrants, dependence on them; - hobby for somnolent medicines; - the increased uneasiness. Of course, all these symptoms separately can testify to a set of psychological problems. However in total they show manifestation of a syndrome of Marilyn Monroe. Often people with this syndrome as if are dependent on rigid, sometimes and the cruel attitude towards themselves. It is explained by a peculiar programming in the childhood, and, exactly, - absence or an acute shortage of love and caress from parents, is frequent – quite cruel attitude towards itself. Marilyn Monroe's syndrome quite often develops at the people, in the childhood receiving a set of insults, not approvals which are not feeling unconditional love in the address.

Marilyn Monroe's syndrome demands careful and comprehensive treatment as it is capable to have negative effect on human life extremely.

What does it have to do with Marilyn?

The fact that this phenomenon in psychology received a name of one greatest American actresses, the female beauty recognized at that time as a standard, not accidentally. Norma Jean Baker all life suffered from feeling of emptiness, from inability to feel. Norma's father ran away right after her birth, and mother gave the girl to the sister as had mental disorders. However mother's sister, in turn, sent the girl to an orphanage. Norma Jean long and unsuccessfully tried to take root in any foster home. The girl visited more than ten foster homes. The actress in conversations with the psychotherapist said that ever nobody called her the daughter, did not embrace. When she grew up, the relations with men developed on the program put in the childhood: they did not love it. Pulled it on the destructive relations. The world famous and favourite actress saw in herself the pathetic, good-for-nothing, not deserving love loser. Also continued to try to force to fall in love with herself as the bigger number of people is possible, at the same time rejecting those who sincerely admired it.

Marilyn Monroe about: "What I it? What am I capable of? I blank space. Blank space and anything else. I in soul have an emptiness!"

Marilyn was always tormented with fear of loneliness. She was scary jealous. Had constant feeling of alarm, took the soothing and somnolent drugs. As a result the girl became addicted to alcohol and medicines and died at the age of 36 years. The sad story of Marilyn Monroe shows how dangerous can be this syndrome, especially "on the fertile field". Anyway, foreign psychologists allocate several peculiar "precepts" for those who suffer from Monroe's syndrome: this development of unconditional love for, self-esteem, self-confidence, readiness for new opening in lives, development in ability to enjoy the life. And still it is necessary to promise itself to gain surely a victory over this most difficult psychological problem.

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