What is mediocrity

What is mediocrity

The mediocre person does not stand out from the crowd. He it becomes rare the leader in collective or soul of the company. People around can consider such individual boring and imperceptible.

Signs of mediocrity

The mediocre person is distinguished first of all that he has no pronounced identity. On some important vital questions such individual has no accurate point of view or a firm position.

As opposed to charisma, the mediocrity makes the owner gray, imperceptible in crowd. Such person puts on and behaves so that to be as all. Quite often mediocre individuals are passive and lazy. They do not look for ways of self-expression, are not anxious with ways of self-development and improvement of own talents.

Such people prefer not to look for the new decision, and to think and work with stamps. They easily accept others opinion and can be conducted. The mediocre person can doubt himself, he trusts opinion of the majority more. Therefore he also prefers to be in a shadow of people around. The mediocre person usually does not reach for leadership and does not wish to achieve in something outstanding results. Average values – its maximum. The will to win seldom accompanies such individual. Some apathy is peculiar to him. Besides, he prefers predictable, boring, but reliable existence of interesting, full life from risk shares. Despite quite quiet life, mediocrities can suffer from a reflection, melancholy and a depression. To doubts about which it was told above the regret or grief of some loss can be added. A statics, immovability, thoughts of the past, melancholy, pity to - here satellites of mediocrity. Such defects as overeating and abuse of alcohol are characteristic of mediocrities. Time nothing to kill with it, they choose the ordinariest, primitive pleasures. They do not know that so they just spend time for nothing. Mediocrities can stay long time in front of the TV or the monitor of the computer, having left useful activity to more active and living people. Happens that there are some considerable, casual events in life of mediocre people, and cardinally change their life. They as if come to life after a dream, take a detached view of the existence and are stirred up. In an opposite case all life can pass in fog and boredom.

Mediocrity reasons

Quite often indecisive, mediocre persons can feel fear of life and diffidence. They consider that it is better not to lean out, go along the knurled, checked track, but not to push luck. Sometimes at such people the underestimated self-assessment is observed. Therefore they do not trust in own forces, do not trust themselves. The mediocrity can be also a consequence of lack of some vital purposes and reference points. If the person elementary does not represent what he wants, then it is difficult to it to begin to try and aspire to something certain. The same and with talents. Sometimes people do not develop the abilities because just do not know own strengths and tendencies.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team