What is Montessori's technique

What is Montessori's technique

There is a set of techniques of early development of kids. One of the most popular is Montessori's system. This unique technique was developed by Maria Montessori, the Italian teacher, in the middle of the XIX century. The main difference of this pedagogical system is that it on the first place puts the identity of the child, but not set training the technician and exercises. In the course of training the kid has the right to choose all didactic material, to define character and time of classes.

In what technique essence?

Training in the Montessori method contributes to the development of skills of self-service, positively influences development of fine motor skills of hands, improves coordination of movements, promotes gradual formation of logical thinking and the correct color perception at the child. Regular exercises positively affect hearing, sight, sensory perception of the world, sense of smell of the kid. Montessori's technique contributes to the development of primary mathematical representations, concepts about geometrical forms, enriches a passive and active lexicon, prepares the child's hand for the letter.

Children from a year to three years

Classes for kids from a year to three years are together with mom. It allows children to feel comfortably in an unfamiliar situation, helps them to develop more actively the phrase speech and imparts certain social skills. Occupation always begins with a special greeting which is designed to create a positive spirit for group work. After that special exercises for improvement of coordination of movements and finger-type games are carried out. In the course of a lesson children and their parents create hand-made articles from various materials, mold from plasticine (salty test), draw pictures, carry out appliques.

Children of three years are also more senior

Classes for children of advanced age serve as good addition to actions for the curriculum of kindergarten. They allow to expand knowledge of the child of objects of the world around and to learn new. Montessori-kabinet – organized space which includes the various training materials and grants. Group classes in Montessori provide interaction of children of different age categories. So the child can realize himself not only as the pupil, but also to become the tutor and the mentor for younger children. This system cultivates at children tolerance and flexibility in communication with people around. 

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