What is motive

What is motive

The word motive comes from Latin ""movere"" that is translated how to push, set in motion. In any activity of people it is driven by some motives.

Motive as driving force of activity

The motive is the internal and external driving forces inducing the person to work in a certain way and to strive for any goal. It is caused by aspiration to satisfaction of a certain requirement and gives an impulse, energy on realization of conceived. Requirements can be caused including instincts and also emotions as love, desire to sweep, etc.

That motives could induce the person to make some actions, there has to be object of activity and be the objects which the individual wishes to reach in the course of the activity are set. The purpose and motive - not the same. The purpose is what the person aspires to, and motive - the reason for which he aspires to it. One purpose can have several motives of achievement. For example, high earnings, self-affirmation in society, realization of the talents and abilities, desire to bring benefit to society, need to provide family, etc. can be motives to creation of career.

If the person has an aspiration to performance of activity and achievement of any tasks, it means at it existence of motivation. So, the diligent pupil, the employee enthusiast, the persistent athlete, in general the hardworking person is motivated. The aspiration to good results is called motivation of achievement, the aspiration to direct and order - motivation to the power, thirst of new information - informative motivation. If the motivation at the person weak, he does the part reluctantly, to be lazy, will tend to postpone affairs then, and results will be not so high, as at the motivated person.

Types of motives

Beliefs, values and intentions are mindful of the main reasonable motives. Value is a personal relation to the world on the basis of own life experience and the gained and acquired knowledge. Values are the cornerstone of consciousness and activity of the personality, give lives sense. Beliefs are motives of theoretical and practical activities of the person, caused by his knowledge and outlook. They are steady and quite often remain relevant during life. Beliefs play a role when the individual in the actions is guided, besides the personal desires and needs, some the ideas. Intention - it made the decision to come to a definite purpose at the expense of accurately thought over means and according to the drawn-up plan is conscious. Thanks to intentions the behavior of the person becomes organized. Each individual has motives the main and minor, the main influence his activity more. Motives can be various: organic (satisfaction of needs of nature of an organism), functional (activity), material (creation and acquisition of necessary objects), social (interaction with society), spiritual (self-improvement). The concept "motivation" is wider. The motive is a steady personal property of the individual which induces it to commission of any actions from within. The motivation (motivational system of the personality) is a set of the factors affecting behavior: motives, requirements, purposes, intentions, beliefs and installations, stereotypes, values, interests and inclinations.

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