What is ""Napoleon's complex"

What is ""Napoleon's complex"

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Napoleon Bonaparte became famous thanks to the military feats and incredible ambitions. For certain the emperor would be surprised if he learned that today his name most often very famous at a mention of confectionery and the psychological complex haunting undersized people.

What does Napoleon's complex consist in?

Why Napoleon is related to this inferiority complex? The fact is that he could not brag of the big growth (only 1.51 m) therefore in many pictures it was represented on a horse that this shortcoming was not evident. Nevertheless, the diminutiveness of forms did not affect Bonaparte's commitment in any way and did not undermine his self-confidence.

Now modern psychologists consider Napoleon's complex as desire of undersized people to achieve fame, career development, success, material welfare and so on.

For the first time this psychological deviation the Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler mentioned in the works. He described improbable aspiration to enrichment and self-realization at one patient having low growth. This phenomenon he and called "Napoleon's complex". Now in the people Napoleon's complex is called still "the pudge's syndrome" or "a complex of the little person". The sense in all cases is identical – because of small growth the people feel defective therefore they try to do everything possible to prove to people around that they are capable of something too.

How Napoleon's complex at men and women is shown?

At representatives of different floors Napoleon's complex has various manifestations. Undersized men since early years, most often from teenage age, behave aggressively in relation to people around. Sometimes such behavior can be caused by discrimination from peers or refusal of the beloved. Unlike other representatives of a strong half of mankind, "pudges" are practically always sure that all their problems because of low growth. Besides, some scientists made a hypothesis that low men much more revnivy. Strangely enough, most often "little men" choose as companions of tall women. In some cases they reciprocate to them. Besides, there is an opinion that they are more active in the intimate plan because of the high content of hormones in their blood. "Little women" in turn in every possible way fight for the independence and do not allow men to preserve them and to surround with care. Such young ladies as if try "to compensate missing centimeters" at the expense of big ambitions, desire to hold senior positions and the leading positions. In the course of career development they behave aggressively and cruelly. The most famous women suffering from Napoleon's complex it is possible to call: Edith Piaf (1.47 m), Queen Victoria (1.52 m), Eva Longoria (1.55 m) and many others.

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