What is necessary for the newborn's registration

What is necessary for the newborn's registration

After the birth the child receives the status of the citizen of the country. However that this status became official, and the new citizen of Russia could have all rights relying it, it is necessary to process in due time the first in his life documents: birth certificate and registration.

What it is necessary to know about rules of registration of a registration

Each parent should know that the registration of the newborn baby is obligatory, so it provides an opportunity to have the social rights: registration of allowances for the child and receiving free medical care, and in the future — and places in kindergarten. The procedure of a registration is quite simple and that there were no problems, parents need to consider several moments: - mom of the kid has to come to a passport office and write the application for registration of a registration of the newborn in the place of the registration; - if parents are registered to the different addresses and live separately, also the application from dad in which he has to express consent with a registration of the kid to the address specified in the statement of mom is required;

- the small size of a living space is not an argument for refusal in a registration;

- the child who did not reach age of 16 years can be registered only to the address of parents (at their absence – to the trustee's address); - objection of homeowners or the persons registered in it cannot be the basis for refusal in a registration in a place of registration of mom.

List of the documents necessary for a registration

Often problems with a registration arise for the reason that at filing of application by parents not all necessary documents are provided. To avoid repeated visits of a passport office, it is necessary to bring with itself the following: - original and photocopy of the birth certificate of the child; - originals and photocopies of passports of parents; - original of the certificate on marriage (in the presence); - the statement of the second parent certified by the notary in which he specifies that he does not object to the child's registration to the specified address (if parents live separately).

Nuances of a registration of the newborn

Though all procedure of a registration of the child is accurately defined, sometimes there are mistakes made by workers of a passport office. The most frequent of them – the stamp about a registration is put in the birth certificate (instead of passports of parents) that is gross violation. Parents need to remember: in the certificate there can be only a stamp about nationality. For avoidance of a mistake it is necessary to stipulate this moment with workers of a passport office even at submission of documents. At the correct registration in the passport on the Children page the record with a surname, a name, a middle name, date of birth of the child and number of the birth certificate has to appear. The second mistake is made by parents, postponing registration of a registration. Under the law, the child needs to be registered within 3 months after the birth, otherwise it is necessary to pay the late charge.

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