What is necessary in maternity hospital

What is necessary in maternity hospital

Collecting in maternity hospital has to occurs quickly therefore you should prepare all necessary things in advance. It is desirable to carry constantly the main documents with itself, childbirth can begin in any place and at any time.

Collect a bag with things and documents in advance, it is better already on To 36 week35- pregnancies. From now on childbirth can begin before term, and you will have already no minute on collecting.

Put rubber slippers in a plastic bag, having wrapped them in a separate sack, white socks. A dressing gown for childbirth give out in reception if other is not stipulated by regulations of hospital. If you have a varicosity, take two elastic bandage for bandaging.

In the washing make-up bag put necessary sanitary products: hygienic lipstick, wet towel wipes, toothbrush and paste, soap and sponge. Surely take the safety razor, those that in maternity hospitals, not the best option. There put the mobile phone in a make-up bag. Keep in mind that all gold jewelry can ask to remove you. You can leave only a cross, but on a usual string. Take a towel. In the separate folder put documents. At receipt in hospital at you have to be with themselves: the passport, the health policy, the prenatal record, the birth certificate, the contract for childbirth (if he is imprisoned). If you arrived to maternity hospital with fights, you at yourself have to have a leaflet with records of time intervals between fights. It will help the doctor to learn the approximate beginning of childbirth. On the same leaflet below large letters can attribute: ""At satisfactory condition of my childbirth and the child I ask to carry out the following actions: to put the child on a stomach, to put to a breast"". If you give birth together with the husband, he needs also to collect a bag with things. Put rubber slippers, cotton socks, a t-shirt and sports trousers. In reception it will be given a medical gown and a hat. It is in addition possible to put a disposable mask. Some maternity hospitals demand from attendants on childbirth to submit necessary medical certificates. Therefore in advance take an interest what orders in your maternity hospital. Usually ask to make blood tests (RV, HIV, hepatitis), to make fluorography.

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