What is not loved by small children

What is not loved by small children

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Even the most obedient kid will have classes which he are not liked to be carried out, whether it be a hairstyle or dental care. A task of parents to explain to the child what it is necessary for, to support and interest him in performance of these actions.

Unloved first course

Among little children there will hardly be big fans of soups and borsches. One type of floating carrot causes horror and disgust and fights appetite off the child. There is a simple exit from this situation: carrots can be grated on a small grater, and to process onions in the blender. It is possible to add noodles letters and cracker small fish to soup. First course in such execution will look much more tasty.

Toys in places

In formation of new habits the parents should show patience and not to recede until the result is fixed.

How cheerfully to scatter toys on all house that mom collected then everything. But without schooling to an order it will not turn out to grow up the tidy and clean school student. For a start think up original ways of storage of toys. For cars it is possible to think up a garage with the opening door, for dolls - a lodge with a set of bedrooms, and to choose boxes for storage of details of different color for the designer. For example, for blue details - a blue box, for red - a red box and so for all flowers.


After the day spent in a garden it is the best of all to expiate the child in a heat bath with soap to wash all traces from a felt-tip pen and microbes from sick kids. Not to all boys and little girls to liking bathing before going to bed, many aim to avoid this procedure. For attraction of their attention it is possible to use foam, salt and oil for a bathtub. Cheerful toys and interesting experiments with water will force the child to reconsider the relation to bathing.

Hair to an order

Girls with long hair do not like to comb hair, to comb the confused volosik after a dream extremely hardly. For the aid to easy combing special children's shampoos and conditioners come. You should not forget what goes to bed better, having put a hairstyle in order, ideally it is necessary to braid a braid. Boys were lucky more, instead of difficult combing they periodically should suffer a painful hairstyle. That it did not cause unpleasant feelings, try to choose independently the good machine for a hairstyle and create fashionable hairstyles at home.

Early rise

Do not forget to prepare since evening for yourself and the kid clothes that in the morning to save on it time.

For children a campaign in a garden the same work, as well as for the adult. Morning rise causes a stress and indignation. To help the kid earlier laying will help to get enough sleep. And in the morning parents should look cheerful and vigorous, but not gloomy and angry. Dance, the song and cheerful having a snack will add good mood the forthcoming day.

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