What is reincarnation

What is reincarnation

Reincarnation is a regeneration. In other words, soul of the person, having left the physical body, it is installed in other physical body of human or an animal and lives before the next reincarnation there. It is considered that such regeneration is a justice symbol as, according to karmic laws, in each new life the spiritual essence of the person receives exactly so much how many he deserved at mortal life.


1. Very few people want to believe that after the mortal life it will just disappear from the face of the earth, will fall into oblivion. For this reason the mankind once thought up the religion and various philosophical doctrines devoted to spiritual life of human and promoting the ideas of immortality of souls after terrestrial death of a body. One of such ideas is the statement about resettlement of soul, or reincarnation. If to speak available language, then reincarnation is nothing but the repeating births and death which are constantly replacing each other. Philosophically it can be characterized as cyclic transformations from one life in another.

2. According to some spiritual exercises, human life before reincarnation of his soul plays a large role in this mistiko-fantastic cycle. The fact is that when the physical human body dies, there is its certain thin matter. Presumably it is consciousness, reason. It is considered that this thin essence and keeps all volume of the thoughts, beliefs, feelings and the ideas which are saved up by the person for all his previous mortal life. It, according to spiritual exercises, is that thread which connects sides of last and future human lives: how the person lived the previous life, sets a rhythm to its subsequent births and lives.

3. Many religious exercises promoting the idea of transformation of soul cannot define yet whether reincarnation is eternal process. It also is clear. On the one hand, it is possible to assume that somewhere there is a happy end to regeneration, as to a string not to curl, and the end will be. But on the other hand, it would be perfect condition of the highest form of development which is not possible for imagining. Perhaps, the mankind still simply did not reach that highest level of the enlightenment which would allow it to realize this option of succession of events.

4. It is curious that not only the religion, but also official science became interested in the idea of reincarnation of soul. For example, the idea of resettlement of souls found the reflection in so-called transpersonal psychology. The psychologist Karl Jung describes the ideas of rather collective unconscious. In principle, reincarnation as the term, quite answers these scientific ideas as regeneration is some kind of accumulation of deep images in human unconscious. These images pass from father to son, and it is possible, from antecedents in future. The science in general finds it difficult to disprove the idea of immortality of soul as the facts of reminiscence by people of the antecedents take place to be: some people provide the information which they could not receive from third-party sources.

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