What is represented by a pre-natal hypoxia of a fruit

What is represented by a pre-natal hypoxia of a fruit

Hypoxia is called oxygen starvation. If the fruit in mother's womb for some reason does not receive oxygen in enough, doctors speak about a pre-natal hypoxia of a fruit.

The causes of a pre-natal hypoxia of a fruit are diverse. This pathology occurs in the pregnant women having bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, heart diseases sugar diabetes, a hypertension and also in smokers. The hypoxia can arise because of severe toxicosis, fetoplatsentarny insufficiency, iron deficiency anemia, pre-natal infection of a fruit with herpes, toxoplasmosis, mycoplasmosis. The hypoxia develops and at the hemolytic disease of a fruit resulting a Rhesus factor conflict. There is it at polycarpous pregnancy and a mnogovodiya.

It is very important to detect a pre-natal hypoxia of a fruit in time. For this purpose the pregnant woman has to visit regularly the gynecologist and undergo all inspections which she appoints.

Distinguish a chronic and sharp hypoxia of a fruit. In the second case the fruit can die within several minutes. It occurs when winding by an umbilical cord, a rupture of a uterus, an otsloyka of a placenta. In that case an exit one – urgent Cesarean section with the subsequent nursing of the child in the conditions of intensive care unit.

The chronic hypoxia of a fruit is less dangerous. It, as a rule, does not lead of the child to death, but can break formation of bodies if arose up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, and on later term causes damage of nervous system, a growth inhibition, and subsequently complicates adaptation to extra uterine life. Subsequently at such child neurologic frustration, a delay of mental development can be observed.

Not only decrease, but also increase in activity of a fruit can demonstrate oxygen starvation, but it is less reliable sign.

One of the first symptoms of a hypoxia of a fruit – decrease in its physical activity. Normal the pregnant woman has to feel stir not less than 10 times a day if the child moves less often, it can testify to a lack of oxygen. The doctor can suspect this violation, listening to heartbeat of a fruit: at a hypoxia its frequency happens below norm, and tones of heart become muffled. For specification of the diagnosis the kardiotokografiya – the special procedure for a research of warm activity of a fruit can be appointed. Sign of pre-natal oxygen starvation is the two-week arrest of development revealed by means of ultrasonography. In the presence of this pathology the pregnant woman is hospitalized. If the disease of mother is the reason of a hypoxia, first of all it is necessary to treat her, certainly, in such ways what are not contraindicated at pregnancy. To the woman prescribe the medicines reducing a uterus tone, it allows to improve blood circulation in a placenta. Apply also the medicines reducing blood clotting in vessels, increasing permeability of cages for oxygen, improving a metabolism and a condition of nervous system. Further recommend to the woman special respiratory gymnastics. If the chronic pre-natal hypoxia of a fruit remains, despite the taken measures, it is necessary to resort to the emergency Cesarean section. Certainly, it is possible only at term more than 28 weeks.

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