What is rituals in education of the child and as to use them

What is rituals in education of the child and as to use them

Withdrawal ritual for sleeping, a ritual of acceptance of food – the phrases which are often heard from lips of children's psychologists. A word a ritual for the psychologists and teachers working with small children, very habitually. However very few people from parents know about that, what is it and as can help with education of the child. And various rituals can enormously help!

At first sight it seems, the ritual is something very difficult and unclear. Actually everything is simple. Concerning education of the child a ritual, in fact, – monotonous repetition of any sequence of actions. The mentality of the child loves rhythm. For certain, if you young mom, you noticed that, for example, it is easier for child to fill up or eat at the same time. The day regimen is one of manifestations of rhythm of children's mentality.

This feature can be used also for education. Especially, it concerns excitable, active children. That it was easier to put the child to bed in the evening, think up a withdrawal ritual for sleeping. It is the sequence of actions which you will observe with the child in approximately at one time day by day. For example, the dinner, then bathing, putting on of a pajamas and laying to sleep. At first it can seem a trifle, but if to adhere to strictly chosen actions, the child will begin to be adjusted subconsciously on a dream already right after a dinner soon.

If your child fits during a lunch badly, you can use a ritual too. We with the son, coming from walk, always at first we wash hands, then we sit down on a pot and we change clothes in home clothing. Then we go on kitchen is. It is always better to carry out meal in at one time, from personal children's ware on one place at a table or in a special stool. It is not necessary to feed at first the kid on a lap, and next day from a stool. All actions have to be made equally always. Only then the ritual will work actually.

Remember that the day regimen, repetition of a chain of identical actions works for subconsciousness. The child himself does not understand it. And his nervous system is already customized.

Of course, derogations from rituals are possible. But try to do it minimum. For example, if you are going to feed with the child's lunch outdoors, take all his ware.

The ritual can include not only actions, but also words. For example, "bon appetit!" before food, "good night, the kid!" before going to bed can be a part of a ritual too.

Observance of various rituals is especially important if your child is easily excited. The more uncertainty are in what you with the child will do at each next moment, the his nervous system is loosened stronger.

In this article only two examples of rituals are given. You can think out the for any situation. For example, it is very useful to have a ritual of "farewell to mom" and to use it from the very first day of visit of a garden.

Dare, think out, use rituals. Perhaps, it will seem to you boring. But believe, still rituals will be useful to weak nervous system and mentality of the child. Over time you by all means will feel result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team