What is taken in maternity hospital

What is taken in maternity hospital

Future mom and her relatives waiting for a holiday that will present maternity hospital, need to take care of all components of this concerning event beforehand. Important everything: readiness of documents, the choice of the necessary things for the pregnant woman and future kid, reasonableness of "scenario" of an extract.


1. In advance take the list of documents, objects and things which are recommended to be taken in your maternity hospital: providing everywhere a miscellaneous, where strictly state and where is not present.

2. Necessary put all in separate packages: documents; things for "the prenatal period" and childbirth; things for an extract. With documents enclose in the folder: - passport; - birth certificate; - insurance policy; - the completed prenatal record; - results of the put analyses on AIDS; - results carried out by ultrasonography (if those were); - data with coordinates of maternity hospital (address, phones).

3. In advance learn what will be communication from maternity hospital with the outside world (only mobile or the payphone, reception phone, etc.) whether it is possible to take the camera, the video camera, a player. Stock up with paper with the handle and a pencil (for notes, the necessary instructions). Do not forget about favourite reading.

4. Take all necessary hygienic accessories: soap, a toothbrush and paste, shampoo, children's soap, face and hands cream, a hairbrush, handkerchiefs, toilet paper, laying, napkins for a face or a small terry towel (for sweat wipe if it is required), plastic bags for the polluted linen.

5. Think over a clothes set for chamber and things that will be necessary at childbirth and after them. Will be useful: - cotton nightgown or long t-shirt, cotton shorts; - socks from natural fabric; - the slippers (washing).

6. Take care of the additional food resolved in concrete maternity hospital. Often on a situation mineral still water and the herbal tea which is specially made in a thermos for childbirth is demanded.

7. For the postnatal period prepare a comfortable cotton blouse, a shirt or a dressing gown. Take with yourself two bras with a fastener in front for feeding, laying for a breast, the collection of milk, special overlays for nipples and cream for healing of possible cracks.

8. For care for the newborn buy pampers. On an extract buy light and warm baby's undershirts, a cap and a hat, thin and flannelette diapers, an envelope or one or two children's blankets. Romper suit or panties with socks, a jacket can be necessary for an envelope. The heroine of the occasion needs to prepare clothes by the size, without the amendment on a former stomach. All attires - on weather.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team