What is the childhood

What is the childhood

Each person has general idea of the childhood. There is no adult who would not be once a child. However when time to become parents comes, future mothers and fathers or draw unambiguous conclusions from the childhood, or in general are afraid to argue and rely only on councils of professional teachers. And to feel confident, it is necessary to know the answer to a question that the personality solves such childhood and what problems during this period of life.


1. The childhood in the majority of the countries the period from the birth up to 18 years is considered. The childhood – a concept psychological, a biological maturity at certain people can come already in 13-14lt. During this period there is a training of future member of society for full activity in it. At this time the foundation for development of the emotional sphere and intelligence and also ability to interact harmoniously with the structures existing in society is laid. Borders of the temporary periods are indistinct and very individual, some become psychologically mature only by 28-30 years. But it belongs to an extreme, there are average norms and characteristic of all children crises.

2. Up to one year the child receives basic concepts about the world and very important installation on trust, or mistrust to the world. Therefore mother needs to be near the child about one year, despite all importance of its professional activity. If the woman wants to have the child emotionally healthy and intelligently open for the world, she needs to offer at least year to the kid.

3. Of a year to three the child forms the first practical skills, it not only ability of to serve. Some kids already at this age are capable to influence mood around themselves, some are more capable to thin manual movements, others are able to build the relations, and the third – perfectly cope with the designer. Different abilities, but at this age of people learns to form the household environment, to solve essential problems. If information from the sphere of abilities is not enough at this stage, at the following stages of people will feel incapable to solve daily problems (for his type of the personality).

4. In three years the child suddenly becomes whimsical, it is difficult to calm and understand him what he wants. The fact is that he still does not understand that it is necessary for it. Also tries to find out by practical consideration what information stimulates its mentality. To someone bright emotions are necessary, for someone - accurate formulations and instructions. Some need new opportunities and riddles, to others - interesting events, it depends on psychotype. At this age the motivation of the child is put therefore whims need to suffer and not to try to be forbidden with firmness. Consequences of the bans are very sad – the person who wants nothing is formed, and nothing is interesting to him.

5. In 13-14 years there comes the following serious test – socialization crisis. The person suddenly understands that there is also a world around which requirements need to conform. Before the child lives personal interests in the world. Small children are not cruel – they just do not see themselves eyes of society. And in 13-14lt at the young man "eyes open" and he begins to understand that you will not escape from society. The parent has to become for him the tolerant and tactful mentor of the rules adopted in society. Often children do not trust parents and seek the adviser elsewhere. Therefore it is worth making efforts to become the main authority for the growing-up child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team