What is the critical thinking

What is the critical thinking

Critical thinking represents set of judgments on the basis of which certain conclusions are formed, and assessment of objects of criticism becomes. It is especially peculiar to researchers and scientists of all branches of science. Critical thinking occupies higher step in comparison with ordinary.

Value of experience in formation of critical thinking

It is difficult to analyze and draw conclusions concerning what badly you understand. Therefore, to learn to think critically, it is necessary to study objects in various communications and relationship with other phenomena. And also in this case the possession of information on similar objects, ability to build logical chains of judgments and to draw valid conclusions is of great importance.

For example, it is possible to judge the value of the work of art only knowing many other fruits of literary activity. At the same time it is quite good to be the expert on history of development of humanity, formation of literature and literary criticism. In a separation from a historical context the work can lose the meaning put in it. That assessment of the work of art was rather full and reasonable, it is also necessary to use the literary knowledge which includes rules of creation of the art text within separate genres, the system of various literary receptions, classification and the analysis of the existing styles and the directions in literature, etc. At the same time also studying internal logic of a plot, the sequence of actions, arrangements and interactions of characters of the work of art is important.

Features of critical thinking

It is possible to distinguish the following from other features of critical thinking: - knowledge of the studied object is only a starting point for the further brain activity connected with creation of logical chains; - the reasonings which are consistently built and based on common sense lead to detection of true and wrong information on the studied object; - critical thinking is always connected with assessment of the available information on this object and the corresponding conclusions, assessment, in turn, is connected with already available skills. Unlike ordinary thinking, critical it is not subordinated to blind belief. Critical thinking allows to comprehend its essence by means of the whole system of judgments of an object of criticism, to reveal true knowledge of it and to disprove false. It is based on logic, depth and completeness of study, truthfulness, adequacy and the sequence of judgments. At the same time obvious and long ago the proved statements are accepted as postulates and do not demand the repeated proof and assessment.

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